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Pass the Word: Print Drives America

Print Drives America Direct Mail blog image Mark

By Mark Keefe, President


Printing is far bigger and much more influential than many people give it credit for. It’s time to correct the perception.

I’d like to share an article with you that was written by Martin J. Maloney, of Printing Industries Alliance:

“It probably will come as no surprise to hear that the perception of printing is far below where it should be. The reality, however, is that print is dominant among the media. That’s a message that the printing industry should be spreading everywhere.

Let’s look at the numbers. Taken together, the measured media represent a $300 billion market in the U.S. That works out to a media spend of about $1,000 per person per year. Market share by medium breaks down as follows:

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USPS April 2016 Removal of Exigent Surcharge: A Summary

USPS April 2016 Exigent Surcharge Removal blog image Jack

By Jack Flick, Data Services

USPS April 2016 Rate Change : Removal of Exigent Surcharge.

We recently posted a USPS Industry Alert article titled: Postal Service Exigent Surcharge Pricing to End April 10. For those who have not had the time to read the entire article, here is a brief summary of the good news for individuals and businesses:

On February 25, 2016, the United States Postal Service provided notice to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) that it will remove the exigent surcharge that’s currently in place. Barring any action from Congress, the exigent surcharge will be removed effective April 10, 2016.

Listed below are some of the changes to expect for First Class Mail:
Additional ounce rate for Single-Piece (letters/flats) to decrease from $0.22 to $0.21
The 2nd Ounce Free program continues.
Single piece stamped mail to decrease from $0.49 to $0.47
Postcards to decrease from $0.35 to $0.34
One ounce flats to decrease from $0.98 to $0.94
International letters to decrease from $1.20 to $1.15

Commercial prices will also be decreasing. A complete listing of the new prices,

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Postal Service Exigent Surcharge Pricing to End April 10

By Mark Keefe, President




Forced Price Reduction to Worsen USPS
Financial Condition by $2 Billion Per Year

Postal Service Exigent Surcharge Pricing to End April 10


WASHINGTON — Absent Congressional or court action to extend or make permanent an existing exigent surcharge for mailing products and services – including the Forever stamp — the Postal Service will be required to reduce certain prices on Sunday, April 10, 2016. This mandatory action will worsen the Postal Service’s financial condition by reducing revenue and increasing its net losses by approximately $2 billion per year.

“The exigent surcharge granted to the Postal Service last year only partially

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How Important is the direct mail LIST?

direct mail LIST importance Pam blog image
Let me just say this — it’s ALL about the direct mail list!  The more you can target your list to the people who are MOST likely to use your products or service, the better your response and ROI will be.

It may seem impossible to develop that perfect list but you actually have exactly what you need… YOUR DATABASE!

PrimeNet is a leader in Data Analytics. We can take your database and define your trade area, identify both your primary and secondary customer profile (see what they look like).

With that information we can find all the “Look-a-Likes” (people who look just like your primary customer) who are your best potential clients and mail to only those people.

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New Direct Mail Product: The Textured Leatherette Planner

We’d like to introduce PrimeNet’s newest direct mail product: The Textured Leatherette Planner.

New Direct Mail Product leatherette calendar sampleThis mailer has been designed to look and FEEL like a realistic leather planner and boasts a combination of dimensional visual elements such as torn-paper prize vouchers and handwritten calendar reminders. There is ample space for a personalized message to the consumer, which can be customized to fit your industry-specific audience.

Below is an example of a piece for the automotive industry featuring a guaranteed prize winner and sales event calendar reminders, however this can be tailored by

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Post Office, Others Raise Shipping Service Rates

MKeefe  By Mark Keefe, President

SAN FRANCISCO – Rates for Priority Mail packages shipped via the U.S. Postal Service will go up on average 9.8% on Jan. 17, a move that comes at the same time that private delivery services are also raising rates.

Within the last month, UPS Ground service rates increased on average 4.9% and FedEx by 4.9%. In addition to the Priority Mail rate hike, the Priority Mail Express prices will rise on average 14.4%, says USPS. “This is the first price increase in more than three years. Calculated over that three year period, overall the price change averages out to 3.3% per year,” said USPS spokesman Roy Betts.

The price of a one-ounce, First Class letter, currently at 49 cents, will remain the same.

The USPS rise will mostly affect small businesses and some consumers who use the post office’s shipping service.

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PrimeNet’s Secure Data Center is Prepared!

Nobody wants inclement weather to scoop up their direct mail marketing print facility, or hurricane force winds to pummel it. So you’ll be glad to know we at PrimeNet are prepared. Our data centers in Largo, Florida and Shakopee, Minnesota both are constructed of poured concrete reinforced by rebar, filled with a special waterproof material and are finished with water resistant material. Our facility in Florida is Category 3 protected, and our data center inside the facility is Category 5 protected. Our Data Center is housed in an enclosed structure within the Bryan Dairy facility and power is backed up by onsite generators.

Take a look at our short video to show you how secure our data centers are:

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PrimeNet G7 Certified to Deliver Visual Consistency Across All Print Vendors

G7 Certified Printer Direct Mail Blog Image Traci  By Traci Blair, Graphic Services

PrimeNet is now G7 certified on our Xerox iGens!

PrimeNet was certified by IDEAlliance as meeting the G7 Master Qualification! As such, the PrimeNet proofing system and presses are calibrated to match the work of any other G7 Master Qualified printer.

Customers will see absolute consistency between printing work done by PrimeNet and work done by other printing vendors who are G7 Certified. Companies often use multiple print vendors for packaging, direct mail, signage and other collateral. They want assurances that printed material will visually adhere to the same standards and look across

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