Get a Head Start on Your Direct Mail Campaigns for Fall

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Get a Head Start on Your Direct Mail Campaigns for Fall

Latte Thanksgiving Mailer Ideas


Before you grab that pumpkin latte…


Oh, nevermind. Go get the latte and read while you’re sipping…
Because it’s time for the FALL marketing season to begin!
And we’ve got some unique new mailers for you.

September opens the door to a busy marketing season – a time of profitable sales and ramped up customer engagement for a lot of  businesses. BUT, it also means a TON of competition. By getting a head start with your mailings while your competitors are just on the outskirts of thinking about their online campaigns, you will be reaching customers right at home, and right in the mailbox – with individual personalization.

Fall Mailer Ideas Autumn Advertising

Cozy up with a Festive Fall Mailer Design –
and psst
check out our unique new off-fold self mailer for this Fall!

Now is a great time to begin transitioning the look of your offers. Send your customers and prospects the delight that comes along with the changing of the seasons. Fall is a joyful and happy time, so let your direct mail material reflect that. It’s also a good time to experiment with new unique designs and promotions for the Fall holidays. When your prospect receives their unique new Autumn direct mail piece, especially when it comes before the influx of Autumn sales mail, they will notice and remember.

Take a look at some newest pieces we have to offer for Fall…


Holiday marketing is getting earlier and earlier.

While some of us are still coming in from the beach, approximately 34 million people have already started thinking about their holiday shopping. Christmas shopping is starting as early as September, A.K.A “Now” at the time of this publication! It’s wise to go ahead and take advantage of this time at the start of the season so that you are at the very front of the line and the top of your audience’s mind before and during the holidays.

Savings for Fall are as tasty as that pumpkin spiced latte.

Who doesn’t love getting a good deal any time of year? BUT, with Autumn in the air, promotions are even more enticing during this particular time. For one, it’s because people are on the lookout for good deals as the holidays draw nearer – Plus there is just something about Fall that makes people want to go out – and come home with something new. So go ahead and give your prospects something to be happy about … early in the season!

Get your Autumn direct mail marketing rolling today! Starting early with your Fall campaign will help you increase sales and gear up for your holiday campaigns too! Want help getting started? Call on PrimeNet. We’re here to help.


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