Magnet Postcards with Punch-Outs Turn Your Business Into a Household Name

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Magnet Postcards with Punch-Outs Turn Your Business Into a Household Name

Magnet Postcards featuring a handy punch-out card are now ready for action! Give your marketing campaign the competitive edge by including a magnet punch-out coupon or business card right on your direct mail postcard. These customizable postcards keep your name and contact information easily accessible for your customers right when they need you – which translates to year-round returns for your business. Click here for more information.

Service industries benefit greatly from this type of direct mail campaign due to the ‘permanency’ of a detachable magnet.

Magnet Postcards featuring a handy punch-out card - Direct Mail

Magnet Punchout Postcard

Custom printed magnet postcards are affordable, highly effective marketing tools. Why?

Magnets have proven to be a good value with top effectiveness because so few people ever throw them away.

This ‘permanency’ keeps your name and promotional message prominently displayed in the home or office for a very long time.

A good majority of people have promotional magnets placed on their refrigerators, file cabinets, tool boxes, etc… Do you?

Magnets are functional! They come in handy to hang up the grocery list or to-do notes. Any consumer facing business – from an auto repair shop, to a heating and air company, to a pizza parlor – is well suited for promotional magnets because the contact info remains readily available.

Businesses tend to have associates who will keep magnets from vendors and service providers stuck on metal desks and file cabinets for quick reference. Some other ideas include calendars, which are commonly incorporated into promotional magnets because they provide information that is referred to frequently. The possibilities are endless, and the returns are limitless!

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