10 Tips For Boosting Direct Mail Response Using VDP

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10 Tips For Boosting Direct Mail Response Using VDP

Chuck  By Chuck Alsdurf, Vice President

Take a few minutes to download our free whitepaper on how to boost response using variable data printing. We guarantee you’ll come away with a new idea or two on how to make your direct mail marketing better.

Some of the tips:
• Tie all images and offers to the prospects demographics and behaviors.
. .Each printed piece should be unique from the others.
• Surprise with a low-tech element as part of your communication’s mix.
• Don’t underestimate the power of special folding.
• And much more…

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Postal Workers to March for Expanded Hours, Services

Pat  By Pat Tucker, Production
Thousands of APWU members will rally at postal facilities in 36 states on Thursday to ask consumers to join in their cause.

Members of the American Postal Workers Union will hold rallies in more than 85 cities this Thursday in a “National Day of Action” to call for expanded hours and the offering of new services such as banking to preserve jobs.

“U.S. Postal Service executives and the agency’s board of governors are using a manufactured financial crisis to justify their strategy of reducing service, delaying mail delivery, and dismantling a great national treasure,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein in announcing the planned demonstrations. “Postal workers are fighting for a vibrant, public Postal Service that expands hours, offers new services, and gives quality service to people across the country.”

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Postal Service Statement on Postal Regulatory Commission Ruling

Jack  By Jack Flick, Data Services


Today’s ruling by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approving the proposed prices and classifications for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services enables the Postal Service to move forward with a new pricing strategy to capitalize on strong mail and package growth.

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Direct Mail Remains Most Effective Medium

direct mail remains, blog image M Keefe
The popularity of digital marketing has added an interesting dynamic to the advertising industry, but despite the new bells and whistles the Internet provides for brands, direct mail remains the most effective medium available. Businesses can maximize the technique’s usefulness by employing best practices and investing in mailing software.

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Direct Mail List Buying: 7 Reasons You Need a Pro

Pam Direct mail list buying blog image  By Pam Wellnitz, List Services
How many incredible direct mail pieces are wasted because they are sent to a lousy direct mail list that costs too much per record, misses out on postage savings, and goes to the wrong people?

The truth is, good direct mail list buying requires a pro. Check out our free tip sheet on List Analysis: Increasing the Performance of Your Mail Campaigns. Remember, the “right list” is the smallest possible list with the most possible prospects, which can be delivered at the lowest cost. Defining the right target is easy. Getting the right list is very tricky.

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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy: Warm up prospects with PrimeWARM

Chuck, Blog Image Direct Mail Marketing Strategy  By Chuck Alsdurf, Vice President

PrimeWARM Direct Mail Marketing Strategy:

Pick a geographic area using zip code(s) or PrimeNet’s mapping tool!

Design a postcard to mail to 10,000 names:

Postcards Direct Mail Marketing Strategy PrimeWARM








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