Tax Season Marketing: 5 Tips to Help Your Business Grow

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Tax Season Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow During Tax Time

Tax Season Marketing: 5 Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Tax season is a time of year that you can almost guarantee that everyone is checking their mailboxes regularly. Many people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their W-2 forms in the mail so they can start filing their taxes. Since everyone is paying close attention to their mail during tax time, it is the perfect opportunity to focus your tax season marketing efforts more heavily on direct mail. Below are 5 tips to get the most out of your marketing efforts during tax time.

1. Change Your Tactics Each Month

When referring to tax season, you can mean anywhere from January to April. Since this covers such a long stretch, it is important to realize how you should be marketing your business during each month of this season. January is the month in which most people start receiving their W-2s. During January, and even early February, a tactic you could use is to send your customers a piece of direct mail that may remind them of a tax form. Get them to open your tax time mail by thinking it is a tax form, but get them to continue reading by offering an amazing value.

Snap Pack, Tear Off, Pull Apart Mailers, Tax Season Marketing W2 Mail

By mid-February and through March, people will have started receiving tax refunds. This is when you should focus heavily on promotions dealing with tax refunds. People will also have a bit more money than usual, so bumping up your tax season marketing efforts in general during this time just makes sense.

2. Use Tax Season Marketing Numbers and Phrases

You can take almost any promotion that you run regularly and market it as a “Tax Season Sale.” An easy way to do this is to incorporate some of the lingo that people recognize as being associated with taxes. Make use of the phrase “EZ.” Offer prices of $10.40 for items to touch back to the 1040 form that no one wants to fill out. April 15th is a date that most people are familiar with. Run a sale with the expiration date of April 15th, and it will stick in people’s minds more easily. When assigning promo codes, think of key words like “1040M” or “TAXSAVINGS.”

3. Offer Tax Filing Services

A strategy that will be sure to get people through the door is to offer tax filing services at your location. Either offer the service yourself, or partner up with a well-known tax professional. People have to file their taxes anyway, why not with you? Use incentives such as doubling their refund amount towards a purchase at your business. This is especially helpful for large purchases such as cars, houses, and vacations. Car dealerships can benefit greatly from tax season marketing by using these strategies.

Tax Time Sales Event Mailer Tax Season Marketing

4. Why Should Customers Spend Their Refund WITH YOU?

By February and March, customers who are getting a tax refund will start receiving them. Odds are, they are looking for ways to spend this large sum of money they just came upon. Entice customers to spend their tax refund with your business. If you run an automotive business, offer to match their refund for a down payment. Offer tax-themed sales to promote new electronics. Or you can go for a different approach, and run a “no sales tax” promotion to entice those customers who may have had to just pay in a bunch of owed taxes.

5. Ease the Stress of Tax Time

April 15th is the tax deadline. Just because the stress of tax season is finally over, doesn’t mean your tax season marketing has to be. Offer ways to relax customers at the end of this hectic season. April would be a great time for a spa, massage studio, or salon to run a special promoting “de-stressing after tax time.” You can also offer a gift card to these types of businesses as an incentive for customers to spend their money with your business. Running a Vacation Giveaway Raffle is another great idea.

PrimeNet would love to help you with your tax season marketing efforts. Contact us today at 1-800-826-2869 to get started!

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USPS 2020 Postage Rates Have Been Announced

usps news for direct mail

It’s that time of year again when we, as marketers have to finalize our budgets for the new year. This includes taking into account, “What will I spend on my postage for my direct mail this year, and when will I know the new rates?”

The U.S. Postal Service has announced their newly proposed Mailing Service price updates which have been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). The new rates are scheduled to go into effect on January 26, 2020.  More information, as well as an updated postage chart can be found here, on our Postage Rate information page.

Mailbox Direct Mail Postal

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One-More-Time Printing Press Colors Blog Image

2020 and Beyond – Direct Mail is Evolving.

To summarize a recently published article from Printing Impressions: We’ve been hearing for quite a while now, things like “print is dead” and electronic media will rise above and make marketing avenues like direct mail totally obsolete. But print is still very much a major industry where direct mail is making a comeback.

That tactile component of direct mail is the key element that is bringing marketing back to the realm of print publications and direct mail. Why? Because direct mail and digital communications aren’t mutually exclusive. The best results are seen when brands find unique and engaging ways to combine both print and digital into their campaigns, seamlessly.

Digital Alone is Just Not Enough.

Neuroscience studies have shown that it’s easier for the human brain to process and recall information leading to taking an action – when that information is presented in a print format such as direct mail.

Even with this knowledge backed by research – It’s still ‘out with the same-old’. Direct mail strategies are ever-evolving. Personaliztion, for example, is a driving force behind today’s direct mail campaigns — a trend that will continue into 2020 and well beyond.

For more information on Image and Data Personalization and Custom Variable Direct Mail, give us a shout. 1-800-826-2869 or email

To read the full Printing Impressions article, we’ll save you some time searching. We’ve linked it here.

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How to Leverage Data to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to marketing your practice successfully, it is important to update your strategies according to your patients’ needs. The best way to do this is by having an excellent data-sourcing system in place that you can reference. Here are some tips you can use to help improve your healthcare marketing with data research.

Find Out What’s Going On

Collecting data can significantly improve your patients’ care as well as help your healthcare practice grow. You are then able to use this data as a way of formatting the types of care your company offers. It can also be used to form more effective marketing strategies.

Where to Start

Sometimes you might find that your marketing is skipping over some of the care needs of your patients. In order to determine how to serve your patients better, you should first research patient data to determine what type of care is being administered versus what is not. By finding gaps in patients’ care, you are better able to direct your marketing campaign so that you can target areas of care that are not being met. Not only does this intentional form of marketing benefit your patients, but it can also save your company money on campaigns that aren’t really effective.

Improve Customer Experience

Using data from a variety of sources can help you to provide a better overall customer experience, from the way that you price your services, to the type of service you provide. Data research allows you to be able to see what services are trending, find out what type of experience customers are wanting to have as well as what amount of money these customers are willing to pay. You will also be able to know who your customer base is and the best way to market to them. With this information and more, you can maximize your efforts with everything from customer service to marketing so that you increase your chances of growth and sustainability significantly.

Collecting data is important in any business; however, in the healthcare industry, the use of data can help save lives. Even with marketing, this can be the case as new forms of treatment are constantly being developed. Using data in your marketing campaigns can help your customers understand the benefits of your services and allow you to direct your efforts toward the right candidates.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help lead your business to success!

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continuing sales after christmas, new year sales

4 Ways to Continue Sales After the Holidays

The days of Fall Savings, Thanksgiving Deals, Black Friday Blowouts, Holiday Specials, and End-of-Year Extravaganzas, are over and the “Holiday Hype” has come to an end. You may be wondering–what now? While it’s true that more than half of a business’s profits for the year can accrue during the 4th quarter, it is important to keep that momentum continuing into the new year. Here are 4 tips to help your business have a successful and prosperous new year!

Use the “New Year, New Beginnings” Strategy

The beginning of the year is traditionally the time for making a new start, breaking bad habits and forming good ones. Use those themes in your marketing to keep up your current momentum. Convince your potential customers that your product can help them achieve whatever goals they are setting for themselves. This isn’t limited to self-improvement for people; this can also apply to businesses. For example, if you sell office supplies, advertise those supplies as a way a business can organize for a successful upcoming year. The new beginnings mentality is also applicable to learning a new skill, starting a hobby, or renovating a home. Whatever it is that you are trying to sell, market it in such a way that it aligns with this ideal.

Have a Clearance Sale on Last Year’s Inventory

Do you still have leftover stock from last year? Don’t worry – shoppers have come to expect just one thing from retailers after the holidays: clearance. So take advantage of this and encourage post-holiday buying.

Along with clearance sales, offer different  incentives to drive even more sales. By offering up-sells, you can prompt more shoppers to reach thresholds on purchase amounts. You could also offer volume pricing or bulk buying discounts. This works well on smaller items that can be used as supply stock-ups or as simple gifts throughout the next year. When it comes to shopping online, flat-rate or free shipping is always an enticing offer.

If you run a loyalty or rewards program you can offer incentives for purchases made in January to earn extra rewards. Double points are attractive, as are additional points for performing certain tasks. You might also want to discount gift cards or certificates to help build revenue more quickly.

Give Your Business a “Fresh Start”

Use the new year as an excuse to give your business a fresh start as well. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to revamp your data lists. Make sure that your lists are current and up-to-date to ensure that you aren’t wasting effort (and money) reaching out to customers who have changed addresses, lifestyles, or are no longer in need of your services.

You can also take this opportunity to take a look back at all of the data you’ve been collecting and see what worked (and what didn’t.) Check out this article to discover tips on tracking how well your direct mail piece is performing. If you’ve noticed that a certain coupon brings in new customers regularly, keep using that! If another direct mail piece hasn’t seemed to have much of an impact, regroup and try again.

PrimeNet is always coming up with new, innovative direct mail pieces that are sure to stand out against the crowd. Perhaps if you tend to stick with mailing out self-mailers, you can switch to postcards. If postcards are a favorite of yours, try laminating your direct mail piece for an extra pop. Or try a new technique altogether – die cuts can be a creative way to capture attention.

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New Year, New Sales!

Although the holiday season has come to an end, don’t take for granted upcoming events that you can cash in on. In January, you can focus on winter themed events or fresh start savings. The Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents Day are all in February. Soon after, you can “Spring into Savings.” Anything can be marketed as a way to get customers interested in your products or services.

The overall message is to just keep going! If you stop building momentum, it’s hard to start again. Use these tips throughout the year and your profits will continue to snowball. Next thing you know, it will be time to plan for next year’s holiday season!

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blog image medical direct mail marketing

The Importance of People in Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to marketing healthcare services, the people involved in providing healthcare are uniquely important. This is because healthcare is a uniquely personal service. When they look for a doctor or dentist, most people are preparing to be in a state of vulnerability. If your potential future patients can tell you care about them and their comfort, they’ll be more likely to try your business. Here are some ways to keep people included.

The Personal Connection

Many patients choose to stay with a given medical provider because they value the provider-patient relationship. But how can you give your potential patients an idea of what a great patient-physician relationship they could have? Healthcare marketing is often tough to do right. When you send communication to patients, you may frequently find yourself using direct mail. When advertising your healthcare business, you will, of course, need to include basic content information. Including pictures and background of your healthcare practitioners helps to put a face to the business.

Adjust Tactics Regularly

Just as with marketing any industry, when you market healthcare services, flexibility is an absolute must. When it comes to promotion, healthcare industries face unique challenges, including patient mistrust. Since marketing isn’t an exact science, you will need to take time to evaluate the success of a given method before continuing. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to adjust. If needed, contact a marketing agency with experience in marketing healthcare industries. In order to make sure you adjust accordingly, it’s a good idea to use a few methods to track success in advertising, looking at metric successes, website hits, and more are all good ideas. If you choose to mail flyers, you may wish to add a discount or other incentive to bring the flyer to their appointment.

The Power of Video

If your potential patient sees a calming, professional-looking healthcare office space, they will be far more likely to feel inclined to visit your practice. And since patients don’t usually come to take office tours before making an appointment, including your office in your website’s video content is a great way to offer patients an introduction. Simply having a video on a webpage can affect both how long someone stays on a website and their likelihood of conversion at similar rates. Your videos can serve a dual purpose of being informational. Maybe you want to feature a doctor discussing how to protect against the flu, or a dentist discussing good tooth care habits. If you use direct mail as a health or dental marketing tool as well, consider including a link to video content on mailed flyers.

Just like with all webpage content, make sure your keep content fresh and consistent because you don’t want to start with several videos and then not update them for months. Start small and be consistent, and your site will automatically be seen as more trustworthy.

Take Advantage of Social Media

If you know anything about marketing, you know that social media is a great way to get a business name out there. Plus, social media offers an opportunity to allow current and future patients to get to know your providers. Maybe you choose to feature a doctor or nurse each week or share any additional accomplishments your staff has achieved. Consistent engagement on social media is key. Potential patients will likely be wary of an empty or otherwise neglected social media account.

An engaging account can also help patients build trust in your practice. By answering comments without giving direct medical advice, both current and potential patients will see that your practice cares. And by giving a human voice to your business, you’ll continue to support the patient’s trust as well. While you likely won’t be able to have medical professionals running these accounts, a social media manager can still help create a personable and professional appearance online.

Consider Adding a Blog

A blog adds a personal touch to any website. Including blog posts by medical or dental staff on your webpage, you’ll also provide free and valuable information to patients. You might consider including time-relevant blog posts, for example, blogs about paying attention to health during the holidays, or ways to avoid sunburn during the summer months. While a blog would add some to the work your staff already does, even an occasional blog post adds value to your business’s site. You can then cross-post these blogs on your business’s various social media accounts, which will amplify their reach.

The unique nature of healthcare practices means that you may need to take a little more care in advertising. By taking the time to include people in your marketing efforts, you’ll be more likely to successfully draw more business and keep current customers engaged.

Here’s another article you might like: 5 Health & Wellness Marketing Case Studies That Will Blow Your Mind

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Plastic Postcards, lamination

PrimeNet is excited to offer lamination services!

So what exactly is lamination? The laminating process bonds printed items between two pieces of clear, plastic film. This process has many uses and a variety of benefits.

What are the Benefits of Lamination?

  1. Laminated pieces last longer because lamination increases the durability of a piece. This saves money on reprinting.
  2. Laminated pieces are protected against stains, smudges, spills, marks, oil, grease, dirt, moisture, and fingerprints.
  3. Laminate is a completely transparent material and will not impair or blemish the print in any way.  In fact, laminate enhances ink colors and makes pieces more vibrant.
  4. Lamination thickens and strengthens printed material, creating an impression of higher quality and importance.

Plastic postcards, printing with lamination

How Can I Use Lamination in Advertising?

  1. Laminated mail pieces are glossy and vibrant! The laminate adds sheen and thickness to your mail piece. This means that it can break through mailbox clutter. A plastic postcard is eye-catching and different than the typical paper mailer.
  2. Lamination makes printed documents look more finished and professional. This conveys value to the consumer.
  3. Your direct mail piece has increased strength and durability. This means it can travel through the mail and arrive in excellent condition with no tears, wrinkles, or stains.
  4. The increased durability of a laminated mail piece can also increase the longevity of a printed piece. This can be very helpful when you are providing something that you want people to keep around for a long time, such as: calendars, re-usable coupons, schedules, etc.
  5. This durable format of direct mail also results in extended redemption cycles. You can provide coupons with a longer expiration date because the printed piece can handle the test of time. Glossy postcards won’t tear or chip along the edge of the card.
  6. Laminated direct mail can be highly personalized. Using variable data, you can include a consumer’s name and other personal details about themselves. This will stand out to the consumer and make them feel important, this piece was made just for them!
  7. Speaking of making the customer feel important, laminating a direct mail piece can do just that. Sending a highly personalized laminated postcard sends the message that you care about that customer’s unique circumstances. Their business is worth more to you than just the average postcard on card stock.

Laminated Menus, Calendars, and Fundraiser Cards

What Else Can I Use Lamination For?

Lamination can be used for many purposes and for a variety of reasons. Below, you will find many common examples of popularly laminated pieces.

Lamination enhances the appearance and extends the life of frequently handled prints, such as…

  • Menus for Bars and Restaurants
  • Price Lists
  • Training Materials
  • Maps
  • Calendars
  • Health and Auto Insurance Cards
  • Fundraising Cards
  • Showroom and Trade show Display Materials

Lamination protects printed materials that are used in dirty or damp environments…

  • Product Warning Labels or Fact Sheets
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Operating and Safety Instructions
  • Signs and Rules
  • Reusable Hang Tags and Door Tags

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To learn more about how PrimeNet can offer lamination to benefit you, call us today at 1-800-826-2869!

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promotional calendar, holiday cards, business promo, custom calendar printing

Promotional Items for Year End

The end of the year is quickly approaching! While it may seem obvious to focus your efforts on things like Black Friday and Holiday sales, it is equally as important to make sure you start the new year off on the right foot. One way to do this is by giving a little “thank you” to your current customers, or a “nice to meet you” to potential clients with promotional items. Below, are 3 ideas to promote your business starting now and into the following year.

Promotional Calendars

Calendars are the perfect promotional item to hand out. Not only are calendars something that your customers can get use out of for the whole year, but it gives you the opportunity to share your business information wherever the calendar happens to be displayed. There are also endless possibilities with how creative you can be when customizing your business calendar. Laminated desktop calendars, daily tear-off calendars, and magnet calendars are just a few options that come to mind. Start customizing a promotional calendar for your business today!

Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way to tell your current customers that you appreciate them. A simple message showing that you appreciate their business can go a long way.

Additionally, sending out holiday cards to current (and prospective) customers with information on your newest promotion or coupons for them to save money on a new product can serve two purposes. The customer feels appreciated, and your business will receive sales from the offer you provided!

Another use for holiday cards is to send them out to other businesses that you have worked with throughout the year. Show them that you value your relationship, and hope to continue prosperously onto the next year.

PrimeNet has put together a template order process to make coming up with a holiday card design even simpler for you! Watch the video to see how we can put together your next holiday card!

Promotional Notepads and Stationery

Another business promo tool is stationery. The options in this category are endless. You can create almost anything, stick your logo and contact information on it, and hand it out to your customers. Custom printed shopping lists, notepads, and to-do lists are a few simple items that come to mind. Anytime someone reaches for a scrap piece of paper is your opportunity for them to be reminded of you and your company. You can also create something with a little bit more fun attached! What about a daily inspirational quote? Or a daily riddle with the answer given on the next page? These tactics make the customer WANT to use your product, and will subconsciously get them excited about seeing your company name. You can also provide laminated stationery so that it can be written on with dry-erase or wet-erase markers.

No matter what route you decide to take this year, it is important to get your name and information in front of as many eyes as possible, as often as possible. Contact PrimeNet today and let us help you get started on your next promotional campaign!


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