PrimeNet Achieves G7 Status for Fifth Consecutive Year!

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PrimeNet Achieves G7 Status for Fifth Consecutive Year!

G7 Master Qualified PrinterTraci Direct Mail G7 Blog Photo
PrimeNet Direct Marketing is proud to announce for our 5th consecutive year we have met the requirements for Idealliance® G7 Master Printer qualification. We are now printing to G7 qualification in our offset printing department, our digital printing department; plus our Epson Proofer passed the G7 Grayscale, G7 Targeted and G7 Colorspace qualification and we are proud to be listed as a Certified G7 Color Contract Proof provider.

By adding our color digital department to our G7 compliant output devices we have positioned ourselves very well to match color across every output print area.

G7 Master Certified PrinterThe Idealliance G7 Master program is the world’s leading print facility validation program.
G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical facility to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process that uses the most modern technology, techniques, and press controls to produce a close to visual match from proof to print. This qualification is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed annually. There are three levels of compliance for G7 Master Qualification:

G7 Grayscale    |    G7 Targeted    |    G7 Colorspace

These levels demonstrate G7 Master capabilities by specified print condition and offer multiple levels of distinction for G7 Master Printers. Print service providers of all types know that a measurable, predictable, and uniform color management process provides significant business advantages.

For printers to be successful, orders must be turned around quickly, they must be consistent and they must be predictable. G7 is the only methodology and print validation program in the world that crosses all print mediums.

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Memorial Day Direct Mailers Customized for Your Customers

Celebrate your special deals this Memorial Day with a brand new take on your direct mail campaigns!

As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is full of opportunities for enterprising companies to turn a profit. Your marketing strategy plays a major role in the success of your sales, kicking off with Memorial Day weekend.  This year we at PrimeNet are highlighting three newly re-designed products that have produced proven returns for our clients’ customer base.

flag die cut direct mailer

Die Cut Flag Mailer

This 11″x8.5″ Die Cut Flag really stands out in the mailbox because of its unique flag shape. This piece is printed on heavy stock, 4 color, 2 sides and can be inserted into a 12″x9″ full window envelope.

memorial day letter advertising mail

Memorial Day Letter

The classic 8.5″x14″ letter is a tried and true approach for getting customers into your business. Mailed with a simple, yet official looking #10 window envelope, this is certain to get opened.

license plates self mailer

License Plate Mailer

License Plate Mailers can be customized for any state or region. People love seeing their name, and when it’s BOLD on a 10″x12″ license plate with a great message, that increases the chance they’ll come to you.





Some news you can use:

To help you increase your chances of success, here are Four Marketing Tips for Memorial Day:

1. Start Your Marketing Early
Many companies wait until the weekend before Memorial Day to begin marketing their special sales. You can get a jump on the competition by beginning your direct mail campaign several weeks early.  Be the leader of the pack and send your direct mail piece to your customers two to three weeks before Memorial Day.  Start marketing early, and by the

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Spring is In the Air: Targeting Weather Changes For Your Direct Mail Campaigns

direct mail blog FL, Jack
How does the weather affect consumer purchase decisions?

Targeting Weather Changes for Your Direct Mail Campaigns: Right on par with economy fluctuations, surprising as it may seem, weather plays a huge role in impacting consumer purchasing decisions. It affects the emotional state, which in turn drives choices on what to purchase, and dictates how much people are willing to spend. The effects go far beyond the obvious examples like cold beverages selling on hot days, and rain coats when it’s raining.

weather direct mail blog article lemonade sign

Weather influences practically every consumer purchase decision. What we eat, our choice of clothing, the type of car we drive and what house we buy, can all be predicted and determined by studying fluctuations in the weather. Understanding this relationship can have a huge benefit for brands and performance marketers. Weather data can be leveraged to market products at precisely the most profitable time, and in the manner which will have the most impact. By studying the weather forecasts for in-home dates, and by choosing a solid direct mail provider who can guarantee fast turnaround, it’s possible to gain a great competitive advantage.

Weather affects consumers on 3 levels method of purchasing, mood, and choice of products:


The Effect of Weather on Method of Purchasing

weather direct mail blog article online shopping

On the most basic level, weather affects the channels consumers use to make their purchases. For example; during warm sunny days, traditional brick and mortar shops often enjoy more in-store foot traffic, whereas periods of inclement weather tend to increase traffic to online domains. However, much also depends on seasonality, industry and the type of product(s) offered. Studies have found that on wet or cold days there was an average 12% increase in web traffic for retailers in home & furniture, wholesale, and clothing industries as compared to traffic on warm sunny days. However, oddly enough, there was no real significant difference for “big box” type retailers. Because weather driven demand can really vary with the type of industry, it is crucial that advertisers have insights on how

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The Bizhub PRESS 2250P at PrimeNet’s Minnesota Direct Mail Center is Ready for Action!

Direct Mail Konica Minolta LogoPrimeNet logo



Successful Installation of an Additional Bizhub PRESS 2250P at PrimeNet’s Minnesota Direct Mail Facility Boosts Productivity Yet Again!

Shakopee, MN – March 5, 2017 – PrimeNet is pleased to welcome its latest addition to our Minnesota direct mail facility. With such great success at our Florida Headquarters since installation in November of 2016, we’ve made the decision to add yet another bizhub® PRESS 2250P monochrome digital press to our team of printing equipment. As a result of this milestone, we look forward to sharing success with our current clients, expand the scope of their services and grow their sales revenue even further. Konica Minolta’s models address the expanding need for high-performance, power-efficient, cost-effective demands of print mail facilities such as PrimeNet.

“Developed by combining two bizhub PRESS 1250P engines in a single space-saving design, the digital press is an ideal solution for print professionals that demand the highest levels of performance and productivity. The bizhub PRESS 2250P builds upon the successful technology of the bizhub PRESS 1250 series, which includes LED imaging and Simitri HD toner for true 1200 x1200 dpi print resolution.”  -Direct from Konica Minolta

Printing at up to 250 duplex impressions per minute (15,000 per hour), the 2250 is able to easily handle long-run digital printing for improved turnaround times on all print jobs. In addition to ultra fast output, the PRESS delivers accurate registration and the best Black&White image quality available, and can also support a vast array of paper types and weights, plus a broad range of inline finishing options.

This sister installation in our Minnesota direct mail facility also includes CREO IC-312m controllers to the 2250 which provide several key advantages for PrimeNet which can be viewed here in our press release on the debut of this technology at PrimeNet.


The bizhub® PRESS 2250P in Shakopee, MN:


Video Overview by Konica Minolta:
bizhub is a registered trademark of Konica Minolta, Inc.

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License Plate, Punch-Out Card & Voucher Package: A New Approach to Increase ROI

Clever, Newly Designed Products Make the Most of Your Message!

When it comes to marketing your business, fresh new approaches to attract customers are always a smart idea! Personalized Punch-Out Cards with the ‘right offer’ are a clever way to get new and repeat business! When popped out, the card is a simple portable reminder to your customers how they will immediately benefit from visiting your business, and the custom savings voucher inside acts as a great tool to solidify your message and rapport.

license plate self mailer with voucherYour license plate panel can be customized to your specific state or even your own company branding. This versatile design offers plenty of space for several elements, including three separate calls to action: custom voucher, punch-out card and a contest of your choice, thus boosting your chances for new business.

Creative Direct Mail is Always a Smart Choice.

license plate direct mail sample plates

Why? RESULTS! Our team will gladly work with you to build the perfect program centered around this type of campaign which will bring you the results you want while remaining well within your marketing budget. You have many options when it comes to your next direct mail program, so if you are looking to try something different – Something that WORKS – Ask about PrimeNet’s Die-Cut UV License Plate w/Punch-Out Card & Check Insert!

Want to know more? Additional information can be found here.

If you are interested in this, or similar direct mail packages, please fill out the contact form on this page OR call us today at 800-826-2869.

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St. Patrick’s Day Magnet Postcards

Save some $$ GREEN $$ and draw positive attention to your business!

Magnet postcards are a fabulous way to keep your name in front of your new and existing clientele. And – The entire month of March, is a great time to get rolling with your spring direct mail campaigns because it’s a new season for deals!

AND BY THE WAY: We will customize to ANY industry!

Why advertise my business for St. Patrick’s Day?

Holidays present wonderful opportunities to advertise your business since your customers will be LOOKING for deals around that time! We know from experience that people who are already keeping an eye out for holiday specials are the most likely candidates to give you their business. St. Patrick’s Day in particular is near the transition to SPRING, and what better time to advertise your Springtime Specials than to introduce your holiday deals!

Here is What’s Included:

Full-Color, 2-Sided 6″x9″ Postcard
Affixed Magnet
Dedicated Account Manager
Resident List
Custom Postcard Design
Mailer Personalization
Print Production
Mail Delivery
Postal Receipts & Delivery Reports

Call today to get started: 1-800-826-2869

St Patrick's Day HVAC Postcard sample



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Targeted Online Ads Increase Direct Mail Response

.Increase Direct Mail Response MKeefe blog image

Warm up the Mailbox and Increase Direct Mail Response with Targeted Online Ads: What PrimeWARM can do for you:

Increase Direct Mail Response blog image PrimeWarm

When you have an eye-catching mailer as part of your advertising campaign, potential customers will pause to look. Now, imagine what happens when they’ve already become familiar with the message BEFORE they’ve taken it from the mailbox?

Because people are naturally comfortable with familiarity, PrimeWARM online ads play on that to provide an added boost to response rates. By the time customers receive their postcard, letter or self mailer, it will not be the first time they are seeing your message, and they are much more likely to act!

And the best news about this add-on:

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USPS 2017 Postal Rate Increase Goes Into Effect Over The Weekend

UPS Envelope direct mail envelope blog

Market Dominant Price Change has Been Approved by PRC

The U.S. Postal Service recently approved a slate of newly proposed Mailing Service price changes which has been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). These new rates are scheduled to go into effect on January 22, 2017.  The proposed price adjustments for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Periodicals and Package Services are within the price cap in U.S.C. § 3622(d) and are consistent with, or justified by an exception to, the workshare discount limitations in 39 U.S.C. § 3622(e). The PRC also concludes that the proposed classification changes for these classes are consistent with applicable law and regulations.  The new 2017 Postage Rates Chart can be found here.

Which Postal Rates Are Increasing?

  • First-Class Mail® Letters: $0.47 to $0.49
  • First-Class Mail Flats: $0.94 to $0.98
  • First-Class Mail Parcels (Retail): Overall 0.624 percent price increase; parcels between 0 to 4 oz. will continue to cost $2.67
  • Media Mail®: Overall 1.135 percent price increase
  • Library Mail: Overall 1.135 percent price increase
  • Certificate of Mailing: Overall 6.1 percent increase
  • Collect on Delivery: Overall 2.5 percent increase
  • Return Receipt: Overall 2.9 percent increase
  • Signature Confirmation™: Overall 3.5 percent increase

Which Postal Rates Are Decreasing?

  • Single Piece Metered Letters: $0.465 to $0.46; this brings the discount to $0.03 off the price of stamped letters, an increase from the current half-cent discount and two cents more than when such discounts were initially announced.
  • Overall prices for Presorted Letters/Postcards are decreasing slightly, by 0.250 percent, exclusively due to the reduction in the price of 5-Digit Automation Letters.
  • Today, First-Class mailers that presort their mail can send up to 2 ounce letters for the same price as a 1 ounce letter. The USPS is proposing to extend the 1 ounce price all the way up to 3.5 ounces. Mail more for the price of only 1 ounce!

Additional Postal Service Changes

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