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Established in 1962

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Capture Their Attention by Delivering Your Message in a UPS Envelope!

When you get a UPS envelope delivered to your home, do you open it right away? Of course you do!!! And so DOES EVERYONE ELSE! PrimeNet is an approved vendor for UPS Mail Innovations. Partnering with them allows us to offer UPS envelopes that are personally delivered by the United States Postal Service directly to

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Recent Data Driven Trends: Newest Data Innovations Explained

A few years back, Big Data came into play and brought with it an enormous scaling of data to be made available on any given event. The incredible volume of data has proven quite a shift – demanding innovation on the process aspect of data analytics. Cheaper storage, increased speed and high level data engineers

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NEW Autumn Direct Mail Products are Ready!

NEW Autumn direct mail products are ready to mail! It’s time for the changing of seasons (in most states anyhow!) and with the coming of the crisp Fall weather, fresh Fall ideas abound! There is no better time than the present to kick off your direct mail campaigns for the upcoming holiday season, and with

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Audience Segmentation: Tips for a Strong Digital Marketing Program

Audience Segmentation • Fine Tuned Listening • Automation Like almost every marketer, you must make difficult decisions each day about how you will spend your limited time and resources.  Because of that, you’ll want to be sure you’re making the most efficient use of the strategies and tools you will be employing. Many marketing articles

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Ten Tips to Drive Value & Engagement with Transactional Emails

Transactional emails can be a digital marketer’s best friend. They are likely the most relevant emails you can send out to your customers since they reflect what your contacts have already done – purchased goods or services, downloaded digital content, entered a contest, signed up for a mailing list or new account, etc. The metrics

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Six Good Reasons To Make Use of Predictive Analytics

Six Good Reasons To Make Use of Predictive Analytics This is the data that helps you see into the future. Volumes of data continue to grow. Customers can be reached (and turned away) through a continuously growing range of channels. “Blast” marketing continues to fall out of favor due to the lack of offer relevancy.

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What Our Clients Say

Hi Mark, our Open House was fantastic. Friday we had better than expected attendance. Saturday was overwhelming attendance. Sunday lacked a bit, however, Sunday is never a highly attended day and we had 2 Football games to contend with. Overall the weekend was awesome - better news is that we wrote more orders this year than last and last year was a record year for that. Thanks for the help!


Nate Warner

( Warner's Dock, Inc. )

Mark, I’ve worked closely with Laurene and Pam this week on the June mailers, and I have to tell you what a fantastic job they are doing! They pushed 3 rush jobs thru for Meghan and me. Several small curveballs as well. It’s a great team!

Patrick Miller

( Ascent Hearing Center )

Thanks for taking the time after normal business hours with me and my rush jobs. It means a lot to customers or clients and I try to do same.


James Johnson

( Johnson Recoveries, LLC )

I wanted to write and Thank You for your help with this second round of mailers. I am blown away by your willingness to work with me on price and timing. I could not believe that your team was able to get production moving within 24 hours. Prime-Net has proven to be an outstanding business partner and I look forward to our future success working together.


Cabell “Cabby” L.

( The Tile Shop )

You have helped us fine tune our direct mail campaigns so much that direct mail has become our most effective form of advertising.


Troy L.

( One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning )

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