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We’ll Make Our Work… Work for YOU.  Direct Mail Lightbulb

Each year, we help hundreds of clients connect with their customers and prospects to drive sales.

The goal – leads, traffic, retention, up-selling, cross-selling and branding – is met through careful attention to data and results, and listening to our customers.

We’re proud of our work because it works for our customers. Contact us to get started.

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Below, you will find some of the custom direct mail products we offer:

classic direct mail postcards

Classic Postcards

A tried and true approach, PrimeNet offers a variety of postcards in different sizes, stocks and folds, all personalized and customized to fit your individual needs.

direct mail checks

Checks & Service Coupons

Checks & Service Coupons offer value and average a 30% response rate. Service Checkbook Programs are a great way to stay in front of willing customers, year-round.

Specialty Mail Advertising Packages

Specialty Packages

Full-view window envelopes with a choice of sizes and customization, specialty packages are a unique way to allow your message to really stand out in the mailbox.

fl direct mail docucard and punchout

Docucard & Punchout Pieces

Cards are a great way to bring in business. By offering your ‘special’ on a card, your customers can present you their card while retaining your info for the future!

classic direct mail letters

Classic Letters

Mailed letters are simple, personal and cost effective. Choose from a variety of classic letters which can be personalized and customized to fit your direct mail needs.

advertising mail important rush

RUSH-Style Packages

“Rush” Style envelopes are an eye-catching way to get your message opened. The personalized message within is a surefire way to generate traffic to your business.

fl direct mail product die-cut mailers

Die-Cut Mailers

Dare to be different. Dare to send die-cut! For holiday specials, events and more, an eye-catching shape will spark just the interest you are looking for to attract your customers.

full color envelope direct mail fl, direct mail mn

Full Color Envelopes

Full-color envelopes are a beautiful solution to otherwise ‘boring’ mail containers. These envelopes offer you the flexibility to present your message more boldly than ever.

direct mail classic self mailers

Self Mailers

A self-mailer presents endless flexibility for your direct mail campaign. With no envelope to open, your message is loud and clear from the moment the mailbox is opened.

direct mail fl, direct mail mn, invitation mailers

Invitation-Style Mailers

We invite you to give an invitation-style direct mail campaign a try. Why? Because who doesn’t enjoy receiving an ultra-personal invite to a classy exclusive event?

variable image mailers

Variable Image Mailers

Variable image mailers make use of combined images and data to customize the recipient’s experience with an added layer of personalization to your campaign.

specialty paper stock FL

Specialty Papers & Coatings

Specialty textured papers appeal to the tactile sense. As your potential customers are thumbing through their mail, your message will be the one that gets noticed!

Direct Mail Booklets & Catalogs

Direct Mail Add-Ons:




Scratch-offs are a highly effective way to get customers to visit and come in to ‘claim the prize’. Everyone is a winner!


Sticky Notes

Real sticky notes affixed to your mail piece add an extra layer of personal interaction to your direct mail message.


Games & Game Pieces

Game Pieces are an effective way to entice customers to visit and ‘claim the winning prize’. Everyone wins with this interaction!


Full Size Keys

“What does this key unlock? “Full sized keys affixed to your mailer spark curiosity within your potential customers.