Full Window Direct Mail Packages Equal BIG Returns!

Get the FULL Effect! Full Window Direct Mail Packages Produce BIG Returns on Your Direct Mail Campaign!

Immediately available in two designs, complete with scratch-off winners (or customizable to your specific dealership or industry), these direct mail packages get opened. The main mailer is printed on glossy card stock and inserted into a 9×12 full window envelope. This is a high quality direct mail package that brings RESULTS.

Why choose a full window envelope?

By choosing a full window envelope, you’re able to conceal just enough of the border to spark curiosity. “Is that a real five-dollar bill that has fallen to the corner?” Open it to find out! “What DID I win under this scratch off?” These are the kinds of “I wonder” questions that get customers in the door for you to close your deals. Go ahead- Have a look through the galleries below for some ideas on how this type of direct mail campaign can work for you:

Patriotic Automotive Examples:


Under the Sea Automotive Examples:

What will I get with this Direct Mail Package?

direct mail packages automotive 9x12 - full window envelope


Items included in this package:

•  Customized mailer printed on glossy card stock
•  Choice of scratch-off, affixed
•  9×12 full window envelope

Give us a call today to discuss details, pricing and scheduling! 1-800-826-2869.





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