July 9, 2023 Postage Rate Updates and How Your Business Can Save

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July 9, 2023 Postage Rate Updates and How Your Business Can Save

As business owners, marketers, and direct mail enthusiasts, it’s crucial to stay informed about the changes that impact our industry. One such change is the recent postage rate increases that have come into effect. In this article, we’ll explore the details of these rate changes and discuss why they shouldn’t discourage you from utilizing direct mail services. We want to assure you that despite the adjustments, direct mail remains a valuable marketing channel that continues to deliver impressive results and return on investment (ROI).

Understanding the Recent Postage Rate Increases

Let’s start by examining the recent postage rate increases that have taken place. While the rates may vary depending on specific mailing categories and services, it’s important to be aware of the general changes. These rate adjustments are necessary to accommodate the evolving needs of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and maintain the quality and efficiency of the postal system. Take a look at our postage chart for some of the most common rates used in direct mail.

Why Direct Mail Still Matters

Despite the recent rate increases, direct mail remains an essential and effective marketing tool for businesses. Here are a few reasons why direct mail continues to be a valuable strategy:

Tangible and Personalized Experience:

Direct mail offers a tangible experience that engages recipients on a personal level. By physically holding a mail piece, individuals have a unique opportunity to connect with your brand and message in a way that digital advertising often lacks. Personalization techniques, such as addressing recipients by name or tailoring the content to their specific interests, enhance the impact of your direct mail campaigns.

High Response Rates and ROI:

Direct mail consistently demonstrates higher response rates compared to digital marketing channels. Studies have shown that people tend to respond more positively to physical mail, resulting in higher conversion rates and a better return on investment. By combining strategic targeting, compelling design, and a clear call-to-action, direct mail campaigns can generate impressive results for businesses of all sizes.

Less Competition and Greater Visibility:

With the increasing focus on digital marketing, direct mail offers a unique advantage. As inboxes become crowded and online ads compete for attention, your direct mail piece can stand out in a less saturated environment. By reaching potential customers through their physical mailboxes, you can capture their undivided attention and increase the likelihood of engagement with your brand.

Enhanced Trust and Credibility:

Direct mail is known for its credibility and trustworthiness. Consumers perceive direct mail as a more legitimate and reliable form of communication compared to digital advertisements, which are often associated with spam and scams. By leveraging the trust factor of direct mail, you can establish stronger connections with your audience and build long-term customer relationships.

Maximizing the Value of Direct Mail:

While the recent postage rate increases may require some adjustments to your budget, there are various strategies you can employ to maximize the value of your direct mail campaigns:

  1. Targeted Audience Segmentation: Identify and segment your target audience based on demographics, behavior, and preferences. By tailoring your message to specific segments, you can increase the relevance and effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns, ultimately driving better results.

  2. Compelling Design and Personalization: Invest in high-quality design that captures attention and aligns with your brand identity. Incorporate personalization techniques to create a unique and engaging experience for each recipient. By utilizing variable data printing, you can customize content, images, and offers to resonate with individual recipients.

  3. Clear Call-to-Action and Measurable Response Tracking: Include a clear and compelling call-to-action in your direct mail piece, guiding recipients on the desired next steps. Implement response tracking mechanisms, such as unique URLs or dedicated phone numbers, to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize future mailings based on the data collected.

  4. Integration with Digital Channels: Maximize the impact of your direct mail campaigns by integrating them with your digital marketing efforts. Use personalized URLs (PURLs) or QR codes to drive recipients to targeted landing pages or online experiences. This integration allows for cross-channel engagement and provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

While recent postage rate increases may raise concerns for business owners and marketers, direct mail remains a highly effective marketing channel. Its tangible nature, personalized experiences, high response rates, and enhanced trustworthiness set it apart from other advertising mediums. By employing targeted segmentation, compelling design, clear call-to-action, and integration with digital channels, you can optimize the value of your direct mail campaigns. Embrace the power of direct mail and continue leveraging this tried-and-true marketing strategy to reach and engage your target audience effectively. PrimeNet is here to help you navigate the changes, adapt to evolving postal rates, and ensure the success of your direct mail initiatives.

For information on postal services not listed on our postal charts, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), please contact us or call 1-800-826­‐2869.

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Heat Up Your Business Revenues, Unleash the Power of Summer. 5 Tips to Maximize Summer Marketing

Heat Up Your Business Revenues: Unleash the Power of Summer

As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, the summer season brings with it a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their revenues. With the sun shining bright and people in a relaxed and adventurous mood, leveraging the right strategies can propel your company’s success. Continue reading to explore actionable tips to help you maximize your business revenues during the summer months, including the often-overlooked strategy of direct mail marketing.

1. Embrace Irresistible Summer Deals

Summertime is synonymous with relaxation and a desire for new experiences. Take advantage of this mindset by offering irresistible summer deals to your customers. To capture the attention of your target audience, offer enticing summer deals through direct mail marketing. Craft eye-catching postcards, letters, or brochures highlighting exclusive discounts, limited-time promotions, or bundle offers. Personalize the content to make recipients feel valued and make it easy for them to redeem the offer. At PrimeNet, we even offer variable data printing so the recipients can see their own name (or other information) that directly correlates to them. Direct mail provides a tangible and memorable way to engage customers, driving both immediate and long-term revenue growth.

personalized variable data, fathers day, grilling, bbq

2. Leverage Social Media for Sizzling Marketing

The summer season is the perfect time to revamp your social media marketing strategy. In addition to direct mail, leverage social media platforms to create a multi-channel marketing strategy. Combine your direct mail efforts with engaging social media content that aligns with the summer theme. Encourage recipients of your direct mail to share their experiences on social media, using a unique hashtag or mentioning your brand. This integration allows you to extend your reach, generate user-generated content, and attract new customers, thereby boosting your overall revenue. A well-executed social media strategy can generate buzz, attract new followers, and ultimately drive increased sales.

3. Cater to Vacation Vibes

During summer, people are often in a vacation mindset, seeking products and services that enhance their summer experiences. Tailor your offerings to align with this vibe. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, feature beach essentials, outdoor gear, or travel-friendly products. If you provide services, consider offering summer-themed packages or experiences.  Direct mail marketing provides an excellent opportunity to showcase products and services that cater to the vacation mindset. Tailor your mailings to align with the desires and needs of your target audience during the summer season. Even if your product or service doesn’t necessarily correlate with summer, make sure your direct mail resonates with the vacation vibe. Simply using the right photos and color themes can do the trick. By delivering a relevant and personalized message, you can drive customer engagement and increase revenue.

4. Network at Sunny Events

Summer is a prime time for attending industry conferences, trade shows, and local events. These gatherings provide excellent networking opportunities to connect with potential clients, partners, and investors. Prepare your elevator pitch, bring along eye-catching marketing materials, and engage in meaningful conversations. While direct mail may not be feasible for networking, it can be a conversation starter when attending sunny events. Utilize direct mail as a follow-up tool after networking events to reconnect with potential clients, partners, or investors. Send a personalized thank-you card or a brochure highlighting your key offerings. By combining offline and online strategies, you can nurture relationships, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

summer marketing

5. Track and Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaigns

To ensure the success of your direct mail efforts, track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Use unique codes, QR codes, or personalized URLs to measure response rates and conversions. Analyze the data to identify which strategies and offers generate the highest response and revenue. This valuable information allows you to optimize your direct mail campaigns for better results in subsequent mailings, ultimately maximizing your return on investment.

Are You Ready for Summer?

Don’t let the summer heat slow down your business. Instead, use this vibrant season as a catalyst to propel your business revenues to new heights. Incorporating direct mail marketing into your summer revenue-boosting strategies can provide a powerful and memorable way to engage with your audience. By embracing irresistible summer deals, leveraging social media, catering to vacation vibes, networking at sunny events, and tracking and optimizing your direct mail campaigns, you can make the most of the summer season and drive significant growth for your business.

Ready to make this summer your most profitable one yet? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you integrate direct mail marketing into your revenue-boosting strategy and elevate your business’s success during the sunniest season of the year!

Call PrimeNet today at 1-800-826-2869 and ask for Scott or fill out our contact form here.

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8 Reasons Why You Need Direct Mail within Omnichannel Marketing

Why Direct Mail is an Essential Part of an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

When deciding what marketing strategies your business is going to use, it can be hard to decide what channel you want to take. Do you want to advertise on social media? Send out emails with special sales? Send out postcards with coupons? The answer to all of these questions happens to be — YES! Research has shown that taking an omnichannel approach to marketing actually achieves the best results. According to MailChimp, omnichannel marketing refers to an organization’s presence across multiple channels. These channels can include websites, apps, social media, and email, in addition to offline channels, such as brick and mortar retail stores or company events. Another large offline channel is… you guessed it, direct mail!

With so many digital marketing channels available, you may not understand why direct mail is such a great marketing tool. Continue reading to discover 8 reasons why direct mail still works!

1. Direct Mail is Effective

In a survey of 1,000 consumers between 18 and 75+ years old, 66% indicated that they act on their direct mail in some way. This percentage goes even higher, up to 74%, when talking about consumers aged 18-39. 72% of another important demographic, parents aged 25-39, said print ads encourage them to make a purchase.

2. Direct Mail is Targeted

The average person sees almost 3000 untargeted marketing messages in a single day. Of these 3000, less than 10 are remembered. However, direct mail can be specifically targeted to an individual person. We can target things such as location, income-level, gender, interests, and a lot of other demographics. Because the message is more relevant to them, they are more likely to remember it. Additionally, 90% of direct mail gets opened and is kept in the household for 17 days on average. 

3. Direct Mail is Personal

36% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personalized and more relevant to them than other advertisements. 50% of consumers feel that direct mail usually includes a good deal on a product or service. Because direct mail is heavily targeted, we can know what sorts of things are important to the consumer and know how to best market towards them. Plus, with things like variable data printing, we can REALLY make it personal. 

4. Direct Mail is Memorable

From emails, to social media, to working remotely, many of us are switching between various forms of digital consumption all day every day. Because of this, digital fatigue is growing. 75% of consumers have digital fatigue, so advertising in a non-digital format is going to make a bigger impact. 22% of consumers aged 18-39 have stated that they like the physical process of receiving and opening mail. Touching something actually uses 21% less mental effort to process and remember a message. Direct mail combines less effort with a pleasurable experience and will leave the consumer with a favorable memory of your company.

5. Direct Mail is Trusted

While the internet is full of amazing information, it is also full of unreliable sources and people tend to not automatically trust advertisements that they see online. However, 90% of consumers aged 25-39 trust direct mail to be reliable and 61% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 75+ tend to have a positive view of direct mail. In fact, even among consumers who have a negative view of direct mail, 42% of them still acted on it. 

6. Direct Mail is Brand-Building

The more times that a consumer sees the same brand imaging, the more they are going to be familiar with it, and the more they are going to trust it. If by the time they see an Instagram ad from a company, they’ve already seen a billboard and a postcard from them, the more likely they are to remember the company and feel a bond with them. By this point, the brand is familiar to them. Direct mail allows consumers to hold on to an advertisement and take a second look at it. This is a unique feature that not many forms of advertising have. 85% of consumers aged 18-39 felt they get to know a brand better through a combination of digital and physical marketing.

7. Direct Mail is Economical

While email prospect lists tend to be more affordable than direct mail prospect lists, 90% of direct mail gets opened. Conversely, only 21% of emails are opened. It doesn’t matter how cheap your lists are if no one is reading your message. In 2021, the average ROI (Return on Investment) for letter-size envelopes mailed to a prospect list was 112%. Comparing this to the 93% ROI that emails got, it’s clear to see that direct mail is the smarter investment of advertising dollars for your business.

8. Direct Mail is Efficient

Direct mail is the key piece of an omnichannel marketing puzzle because it really ties everything together. 90% of people interested in the product or service advertised by direct mail will follow up by visiting the website or following a QR code placed on the piece of direct mail. Now that they’ve been to your website, your digital campaigns can start doing some of the work. Direct mail improves the response rate on other forms of marketing. For example, 60% of consumers aged 25-39 are more likely to purchase if they’ve seen an ad on both physical and digital media. If your direct mail can properly lead them to a digital marketing channel, now your consumer has already seen you in both forms and is way more likely to purchase something from you. 


Direct mail is only one ingredient to a successful omnichannel marketing strategy, but it is an important one. If you haven’t integrated into your company’s marketing campaigns yet, what are you waiting for? We’d love to help you get started!

Contact us today to integrate direct mail into your omnichannel marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

Call PrimeNet today at 1-800-826-2869 and ask for Scott or fill out our contact form here.

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Postage Rate Updates for 2023

Effective as of January 22, 2023.

The U.S. Postal Service has routinely raised their rates twice a year for a couple of years now. The next set of postage rate increases are set to go into effect January 22, 2023. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of prices that will effect your business most.

Click an image below to enlarge:

For information on postal services not listed on our postal charts, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), please contact us or call 1-800-826­‐2869.

Learn more by viewing the announcement released by the U.S. Postal Service here.

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Postage Rate Updates for 2022

Effective as of July 10, 2022.

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced a slate of newly proposed Mailing Service price changes which has been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). These new rates are scheduled to go into effect on July 10, 2022. The proposed price adjustments for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Periodicals and Package Services are consistent with the pricing requirements appearing in 39 U.S.C. § 3626 and do not implicate the pricing requirements appearing in 39 U.S.C. §§ 3627 and 3629. The PRC also concludes that the proposed classification changes for these classes are consistent with applicable law and regulations.

Click an image below to enlarge:

For information on postal services not listed on our postal charts, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), please contact us or call 1-800-826­‐2869.

Learn more by viewing the announcement released by the U.S. Postal Service here.

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Paper? Yeah, we've got that. Direct mail paper shortage supply chain issues

How PrimeNet is Tackling Paper Shortages and Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues — this seems to be the new buzz word as of late, but what does it mean and how is it impacting businesses? According to Business Insider, supply-chain disruption started over a year ago as a result of rising consumer demand paired with the effects of COVID-19. Business closures, labor issues, and equipment shortages all led to a backlog of product. Once these products were all being produced again, a transportation bottleneck in the form of port backlogs also added to the crisis.

Because of these supply chain issues; many businesses have been experiencing stock issues and the direct mail and the printing industry is not immune to these troubles. 

How Can I Combat These Supply Chain Issues?

Unfortunately, many businesses have been hearing, “We are sorry, that product is on back order.” or, “We are out of stock.” Luckily, there are a few ways that you and your business can prepare for these challenges and keep things running smoothly.

out of stock, supply chain issues

Keep track of your inventory.

Even in the “before times” it has always been important to keep track of your inventory. Now so more than ever, keeping up to date with your supply stock is crucial. The only way to know that you are about to run out of supply is to keep your inventory tracked. You don’t want to be caught off guard and then realize it may be difficult to restock your product.

Purchase early and in bulk.

Don’t wait until you are almost out of stock (or worse, completely out) of an item before you decide to re-purchase. Supply chain issues combined with shipping challenges may lead to you being out of stock of a popular item for a long amount of time. Be prepared, and order what you need ahead of time. Purchasing in bulk can also help alleviate this. If you purchase more up front, you won’t need to order as often. Purchasing in bulk often leads to a bigger discount on the purchase price as well!

Be flexible and look into creative solutions.

While you might be accustomed to ordering the same products as usual, you may need to bend a little bit during these trying times. Is your vendor out of stock of the item you need to order? See if there is an alternative product that can work just as well. Having trouble finding your go-to envelope? Look for a similar sized envelope, or a mailer in a different color. Has your vendor run out of the paper that you usually use? There are generally alternative types of paper that you can use, whether it be a different size, weight, or color. Have shipping costs eaten away at your bottom line? Look to see if there are different ways to ship the product.

Find an alternate provider.

Unfortunately, your current provider may just not have the ability to do what you need them to do anymore. Here’s where PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions comes into play! Fortunately, since these supply chain issues have begun, we have still been able to provide excellent products and services for our customers. Let us help you as well!

PrimeNet Direct Mail Building

PrimeNet Can Help with All Your Printing and Direct Mail Needs

Whether you are looking for a commercial printer for supplies such as menus, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc. or direct mail items such as postcards, self-mailers, and letters—we can help! PrimeNet has been in business for over 60 years. We are big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care about getting it done right. And, we mail and drop ship NATIONWIDE. We have worked hard to combat supply chain issues and can help your business continue to run smoothly.

Give PrimeNet a call today at 1-800-826-2869 and ask for Scott or fill out our contact form here. We can’t wait to create your unique direct mail piece and start driving business your way!

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Stand Out Unique Direct Mail for Memorial Day St. Patrick's Day

Consider Eye-Catching Die Cut Mailers

PrimeNet is busy developing fresh direct marketing ideas, designing new attention-getting mail pieces, modernizing proven pieces from the past, rolling out new programs and finding the best way to keep costs under control for each of our clients. 

One of the most creative ways to grab attention with your direct mail pieces is by using a die cut.

What's a Die Cut Mailer?

Die cut mail pieces give you the ability to create eye-catching folds, shapes, and cut outs within your direct mail piece. This technique can help draw attention to your marketing materials and help build better brand recognition. 

People tend to get multiple pieces of mail in their mailbox every day. What better way to stand out than to have a uniquely shaped piece of mail? Check out some examples that we have below!

Shamrock Die Cut Mailer

The Shamrock die cut mailer ships out in a large full window envelope so that postage cost can be kept low, yet the mailer is clearly visible to your recipients. There’s plenty of space for your message, coupons, offers, and a call-to-action. There will be something of interest for each customer!

Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Direct Mail

The shape of this mailer clearly lends itself to events surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. However, with a little imagination, the shape can be used for any industry and any theme. For example, above we have a direct mail piece for a pest control service and a spring-themed piece for a car dealership.  We also show a beach-themed piece that is generic enough it can be suitable for a number of industries including healthcare, retail, HVAC, and food and beverage.

Flag Die Cut Mailer

patriotic american direct mail advertising

This 11″ x 8.5″ Die Cut Flag really stands out in the mailbox because of its unique flag shape. Printed on heavy stock, this double sided piece inserts into a 12″ x 9″ full window envelope. This flag die cut is perfect for summer holidays
like Memorial Day and 4th of July! It is also the perfect shape for a direct mail piece for political mail.

Don’t want to pay for postage? With a staple and a rubber band this piece could easily turn into a door hanger!

Die Cut Mailers with Pop-Out Panels

The pop mailer adds a fun element to your message while being budget-friendly on postage. It originally looks like a regular post card, but by pulling on a perforated pull tab, the consumer can see even more of your message! Interacting with your direct mail piece will certainly keep your brand in your customer’s mind.

Tent Die Cut Pop Self-Mailer

Die-Cut Pop Mailer House, Tent, Mailbox, etc

The tent die cut pop self-mailer can lend itself to multiple designs. Realtors, HVAC, Lawncare, and Home Repair Companies can create a design with a house. The shape also lends itself nicely to a tent sale design for auto dealers. With a little imagination, this design can work for any industry!

unique shaped mail, pop out design direct mail

Oval Die Cut Pop Self-Mailer

Die-Cut Pop Mailer Football, Ear, Pie, Turkey, Rainbow, etc
unique hearing aid direct mail

This self-mailer presents endless flexibility for your direct mail campaign. Utilize this fun oval pop out as a football during football season, an ear for hearing aid stores, or even a pie or turkey during the holidays. This uniquely shaped mailer is perfect to promote your message loud and clear. 

Get started on your die cut direct mail piece today!

With die cuts, the sky really is the limit. We have several pre-made die cuts for your use, but we can also work with you to create something completely unique for your brand! 

If anything you see here peaks your interest, give PrimeNet a call today at 1-800-826-2869 and ask for Scott or fill out our contact form here. We can’t wait to create your unique direct mail piece and start driving business your way!

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Valentine's Day Marketing and Direct Mail

Plan Now to Use Valentine’s Day to Attract New Customers and Increase Revenue

While Valentine’s Day isn’t until February, the time to plan your Valentine’s Day marketing is NOW. We are about to be in the middle of proposal season. According to the well-known wedding planning site, The Knot, 37% of engagements happen between November and early February. When you think of Valentine’s Day, what do you think about?  For some, love is in the air! But for others, eliminating the competition might be the theme… think the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

For businesses advertising to attract new customers, Valentine’s Day can be a unique opportunity to let your lead-generating advertising dollars do both with direct mail. At PrimeNet, we can customize our direct mail marketing postcards for a wide variety of industries, including yours. 

Could your business benefit from using direct mail to attract new customers by sending advertising postcards to targeted consumers asking if they are “in love with” their [insert your product or service here]?

Valentine's Day Mail Marketing

PrimeNet can help a business in almost any service industry PROPOSE to ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION with a Valentine’s Day direct mailing. We want your business to feel the love for your marketing plan with PrimeNet.

We can even use our targeted mailing lists to get your message to the perfect audience. Check out this small sampling of examples that we can create a direct mail marketing campaign for!

Those in the Financial Planning Industry can promote Retirement Plans to People in a Specific Age Range.

Members of the Remodeling Industry can advertise a New Kitchen Remodel to Homeowners with a House Over a Certain Age.

In the Home Services Industry, we can market Pest Control Services to Homeowners with a Specific Income.

…and many more!

Contact us today to get started generating leads for your business and attracting new customers so that you can increase your business’s revenue!

Call PrimeNet today at 1-800-826-2869 and ask for Scott or fill out our contact form here.

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