Summer Business Promo Ideas: HVAC, Pool Services, Landscaping and Pest Control

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Summer Business Promo Ideas: HVAC, Pool Services, Landscaping and Pest Control

It’s officially summer time and that means it is getting hot in here! But that’s okay – we’ve got some marketing tips to help you keep your cool regarding your business this summer season. Whether your business offers HVAC, pool, landscaping, or pest control services, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you have a profitable summer advertising plan in place. Companies in the heating and cooling, pool service, landscaping, and pest control industries are often small business. Unfortunately, small business tends to come with a smaller marketing budget. But that’s okay! Below are 6 tips to maximize your advertising budget and increase sales during this time.

1. Choose a Strong Offer

In order to incentivize a potential customer to use your HVAC, landscaping, pest control, or pool service company, you have to offer them something special! The easiest way to do this is by offering them a special offer via running a promotional price or giving them coupons off of specific services. Make sure that your call-to-action is the highlight of your message. What do you want your customer to do? What is your goal of sending this message out? If you want to get more tune-up appointments, offer a tune-up special. If you want more people to sign up for your pest control maintenance plan, offer a one-year special pricing plan.

An eye-catching HVAC marketing design with two offers on it will attract customers.

2. Stand Out From the Crowd

Make your design unique from the competition. Create a stunning, eye-catching design that will make the reader pause a moment and take in your message. It’s also important to use the proper images, fonts, and call-to-action.
For more tips on creating great marketing material, check out our other blogs, Six Things That Should NOT be on Your Direct Mail Postcard and Don’t Lose Your Message in a “Pretty” Design.

Pest Control Direct Mail Lawn Service Postcards
Use eye-catching graphics to grab your customers’ attention.

Another way you can stand out is by having a design that is different than just a typical postcard offer. Direct mail comes in all shapes and sizes! For example, PrimeNet offers postcards, letters, self-mailers, checkbooks, uniquely shaped die-cut designs, magnet add-ons, laminated postcards, and sticky notes. To see a variety of examples we have to offer, click here.

Die-Cut Pop Mailer House, Tent, Mailbox, etc
Stand out from your competition with a unique pop-out style postcard.

3. Utilize Multichannel Marketing

If your budget allows, advertising your small business with more than one channel is a great way to better target your audience. The more brand exposure you have, the more you’ll be recognized as a credible business. Look into direct mail marketing campaigns, radio ads, tv commercials and social media campaigns. Receiving a postcard in the mail from your company and then later seeing your post on their social media feed will help cement your business in your customers’ minds. Social media also allows you to grow your audience because if someone interacts with your post, their social network may also see it. Try keeping social media designs simple and trendy. Be careful of not being too text-heavy. Using a funny graphic is a great way to encourage people to interact with your post.

Pest Control Spring Marketing Blog Image
A message that makes your customer laugh will help them remember your business.

4. Use a Customer Referral Program

One of the number one ways of attracting new customers is by word of mouth. Offer incentives to your current customers to refer their family, friends, and social network. You could offer them money off of their service if a new customer mentions their name or enter them in a contest when they allow you to put a promotional sign in their yard. You can also host a giveaway on your social media page and encourage your customers to share it on their pages.

pool marketing tip yard sign
A yard sign that a whole neighborhood will see every day is a great promotional tool.

5. Offer a Subscription Discount

Getting a customer to call you once is great, but the real value is in having a REPEAT customer. Create a customer who is loyal to your business. For example, an HVAC company can offer a one time tune up special or can offer a bigger discount if a customer signs up for a one year contract. This will also ensure that if the customer has any emergency needs, that they call YOUR business over someone else. It’s great if a pest control company can get a customer to book an extermination, but it’s better if they can sign them up for a yearly plan to come out multiple times a year for preventative services.

6. Repetition is Key

We recommend targeting your prospective audience at least 3 times. Seeing your marketing message multiple times will build your credibility and show that you are a trustworthy, stable business. It will also simply familiarize your audience with your brand and make it more likely that they will call you when they need you. If your pool pump goes out, you are much more likely to call the company that you’ve seen a few times than a company that you’ve never heard of. Often, the day that a potential customer receives your first marketing message isn’t going to be the time that they need your services. Oftentimes in the HVAC, landscaping, pool, and pest control industries, customers are only calling when they are having an issue that needs to be fixed. You can’t always predict when that will be. Getting your prospective clients familiar with your small business NOW, means that they will call you when they need you in the future.

Are you ready to start your lead-generating marketing campaign for this summer?

To start your next direct mail campaign, contact PrimeNet today! With a combination of attractive art and a top-notch mailing list, you’ll be sure to attract customers in no time!

Call PrimeNet today at 1-800-826-2869 or fill out our contact form here.

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Drive Traffic To Your Business for Memorial Day with Direct Mail

Drive Traffic to Your Business for Memorial Day with Direct Mail

Memorial Day 2021 falls on Monday, May 31st. Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend has been celebrated as a kickoff for the summer season and consumers have come to expect enticing specials to celebrate the season. This year is no different! It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected businesses and consumers alike, but with many people becoming vaccinated it is likely that Memorial Day will be a launching point for life to return to “normal” for many. Many people will be ready to observe the holiday and will put their money towards this effort. Is your business ready for this burst in spending?

What Businesses Can Benefit from Memorial Day Sales?

The quick answer is: all business can benefit from Memorial Day sales. However, some businesses will have an easier time incorporating the holiday into selling their products and services. Because Memorial Day is known as the start of summer, businesses that provide summer oriented products and services can easily tie their business into the holiday. For example, lawn care, pest control, pool services, and barbecue products are all industries that the average consumer will associate with summer.

Is your business not “summer oriented”? Don’t fret! With just a dash of creativity, you can run a Memorial Day themed sale for your business as well. Furniture stores can promote their outdoor and patio furniture. Salons and Spas can advertise for being “summer ready.” Even the automotive industry can sell new cars by encouraging riding in style during the summer season.

Pest Control Direct Mail Lawn Service Postcards

Memorial Day is the perfect time to launch your pest control or lawn care campaign.

Don’t Forget the Meaning Behind Memorial Day

We have really harped on how Memorial Day is the launching point for the summer season. While that is a vital marketing factor, it is important to remember the reason for the holiday itself. Memorial Day honors those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The month of May is National Military Appreciation Month and then wraps up with Memorial Day. Try incorporating language that shows your support for the military in your marketing campaigns. Thank our military by offering a military discount. You could even run a drive to collect items for deployed troops or donate a percentage of your sales to a military charity that is special to your local community.

Start Your Memorial Day Marketing Early

While Memorial Day is a great day to offer special savings to your consumers, you won’t be the only business who will be doing so. With a high yielding promotional period comes high competition. The sooner you get eyes on your business, the easier it will be to drive traffic to your company. Many companies wait until the weekend before Memorial Day to offer sales and deals to their customers. To get an edge on the competition, try sending your direct mail campaigns out a few weeks early. Then you can follow up with a reminder message aimed at the weekend sales. Your customers will recognize your company and be more likely to choose your services over others.

Stand Out by Using Creative Advertising

Speaking of standing out against the competition, you want to make sure that you use creative and unique marketing techniques. With mailboxes becoming flooded with red, white, and blue marketing materials, you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Try standing out by using different colors or a uniquely shaped item.

PrimeNet offers many unique products that will be sure to make your business stand out in a crowd.

Have to see it for yourself?

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Call us today at 1-800-826-2869 to get started on your Memorial Day direct mail campaign!

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Super Bowl Tampa Marketing Ideas and Promotional Products

Super Bowl LV in Tampa: Marketing Ideas and Promotional Products

Every year, the Super Bowl brings in millions of dollars in profit due to marketing. This year, the Super Bowl will be held in Tampa on February 7th, 2021. This means that areas surrounding Tampa Bay such as Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo, St. Petersburg, and the rest of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties can cash in on even more benefits. Curious how you and your business can profit from the Super Bowl being local this year? Read on!

How can my local business profit from the Super Bowl LV in Tampa?

Football season, in general, brings the potential for so many marketing ideas. Almost any industry – from automotive to retail – can have a football-themed sale! The Super Bowl is like the grand finale of football sales! Businesses across the country can run “Super Bowl Sales” and “Football Frenzies,” but the Tampa Bay area is in for an extra special treat. The Raymond James stadium in Tampa, FL will be the location of the Super Bowl LV in 2021. And this year is making history because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get to play at their home field – a Super Bowl first! With everyone abuzz about the big game, local businesses need to take advantage of the extra promotions and cash in!

There are a million ways that you could tie your business into the Super Bowl. For example, a car dealership could have a sale on their new inventory. A common sales tactic for auto dealers is to do a prize giveaway for a test drive of a new car. So we can take this same strategy, and give it a Super Bowl flair. As a prize to the giveaway, the dealership could give away tickets to the game. If your budget isn’t big enough for that – how about a new flat screen TV (to watch the game at home from)? You could even give away a gift card to a local pizza place and market it as a Super Bowl party food. Get those creative juices flowing, and you can tie your business in to the Super Bowl as well!

What kind of promotional products do I need to market my business during the Super Bowl LV?

Since the Super Bowl LV is such a great marketing event, there will no doubt be TONS of competition. That’s why it is important to make your promotional products STAND OUT. If you are going to print flyers, make sure to print them with a great print provider. You don’t want to hand out a product that will reflect poorly on your business. How can you choose a reputable print provider? We’ve got some tips here for you.

You also want to make sure that you use imagery and colors that will draw attention to you over the rest of your competition. Be sure to offer some savings to your potential customers! Offering coupons will almost always be more effective when promoting your business. And the number one rule in all marketing materials? Have a clear call to action. What is it that you want the consumer to do after they have viewed your promotional material? Do you want them to call and order something? Do you want them to visit your website? Decide what your main goal is and then make sure that is the piece of information that comes across most clearly.

laminated postcards, magnet post card, restaurant menu

Having a flyer with your menu and some coupons will draw attention!

Laminated Menus

Due to Covid-19, one of the products that has been growing in popularity lately is the laminated menu. One of the biggest draws is that you can clean them off and re-use them. This helps lessen the spread of bacteria and sickness and is also more sustainable for the environment. For even more reasons why you should think about switching to using a laminated menu, read on here. Think about creating a Super Bowl themed menu. This can be used for the weeks leading into it and the big night itself.

laminate menus, restaurant, drink, food, lamination

Laminated menus are beneficial for cleanliness and re-usability.

Door Hangers

Another product that is useful for quick and easy marketing is the door hanger. These can be left on potential customers’ doors to let them know about the Super Bowl themed specials that you are running! These are particularly handy in apartment complexes and condos because you can access so many people in such a small area. Another way you can use this promotional product is by partnering with a local hotel! There will be plenty of people that are traveling from out of town to come to the Super Bowl LV. A lot of these football fans will be staying in hotels. Make sure to get the hotel’s permission, of course, but then hang a door hanger with your business’s information for all of the out of town guests to see!

Direct Mail

And last, but certainly not least, direct mail! With direct mail, you can target an audience that you’d like to receive your mail, so that you are most likely to be matched with consumers that will respond! PrimeNet has a plethora of unique direct mailers that you can send to really make your business pop! For example, check out the postcard below! The football folds out, to reveal a message underneath. Little things like this make your business stand out compared to the rest.

Die-Cut Pop Mailer Football, Ear, Pie, Turkey, Rainbow, etc
Football Cut-Out Direct Mailer

Call us today at 1-800-826-2869 to get started! PrimeNet is sure to help your business score a touchdown with our great promotional items. Everything you’ve seen here – postcards, flyers, menus, door hangers, and direct mail are all things we would love to be able to help you with. Hurry, time is almost up!

Want to see our great products first hand? Click the button below!

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Postage Rate Updates for 2021

Effective as of January 24, 2021.

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced a slate of newly proposed Mailing Service price changes which has been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). These new rates are scheduled to go into effect on January 24, 2021. The proposed price adjustments for First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, Periodicals and Package Services are consistent with the pricing requirements appearing in 39 U.S.C. § 3626 and do not implicate the pricing requirements appearing in 39 U.S.C. §§ 3627 and 3629. The PRC also concludes that the proposed classification changes for these classes are consistent with applicable law and regulations.

Click an image below to enlarge:

For information on postal services not listed on our postal charts, such as Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), please contact us or call 1-800-826­‐2869.

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Effective Strategies for Back to School Marketing in 2020

Effective Strategies for Back to School Marketing in 2020

With summer coming to a close,  it’s that time of year again – Back to School season! While learning may look a little different this year, what does this mean for businesses? Many say that back to school season is the official kick off of the fourth quarter (Q4,) which is the most profitable quarter of the year for most businesses. Even though this year is different than many in the past, it is likely that this will be true for 2020 as well. This means you should definitely continue your marketing efforts during back to school shopping this year.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF,)  consumers tentatively plan to spend a record amount to prepare for school and college this year. College students and their families expect to spend an average $1,059.20 per family, which would top last year’s record of $976.78. College spending is expected to total $67.7 billion, up from $54.5 billion last year and breaking the record of $55.3 billion set in 2018. Total spending for K-12 and college combined is projected to reach $101.6 billion – exceeding last year’s $80.7 billion and topping the $100 billion mark for the first time. All of that said, if you don’t have a campaign aimed at back to school shopping, you will be missing out on some serious possible profits.

How will COVID-19 impact back to school shopping?

While one may assume that back to school spending would be down this year due to the coronavirus, the exact opposite is actually true. Many students will be learning (at least in some capacity) from home this year. Because of this, many consumers will need to purchase new items to make this procedure more accessible or comfortable. Laptops, computer accessories, speakers or headphones, and printers are only a few of the products that consumers are planning to buy this year specifically because of e-learning.

While electronics spending is expected to be much higher than last year, it’s not the only market that will be effected. Traditional school supplies like paper and writing utensils are expected to be purchased more as well. While clothing purchases aren’t expected to raise, they are projected to only go down slightly.

How do I market for MY company during back to school season?

So – you want to get in on the action, but your business doesn’t seem relevant? You don’t have to be selling electronics, school supplies, furniture, or clothes to be able to have a back to school sale. Come up with a creative way to tie your business into the season that makes sense. For example, a spa could sell the idea of relaxation during this stressful time. Restaurants can run a student special. Any company can have a “back to school” spin on what they are offering. Back to school marketing isn’t just for K-12 students, either. Once you think of college aged students, even more ideas can come into play. From dorm decor to a new car, the possibilities are endless. No matter what business you have, there is always a way you can tie it in to back to school savings.

Who is the target audience for back to school marketing?

Keep in mind that parents aren’t the only ones you are advertising to. Especially during back to school season, many times parents are simply buying what their kids are telling them to. Make your advertising relevant to current trends. What is popular with kids these days? It may be wise to even ask children for ideas. Their opinion is important when they are your key demographic.

Another thing to keep in mind is HOW you market your business. Nearly all school-aged children (and their parents) have social media today. Once again, it may be wise to ask some kids what social media platforms they are most often frequenting and focus your social media efforts there. Just because you use Facebook doesn’t mean teenagers in middle school do. TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms that people of all ages use currently. It’s certainly worth it to look into learning how to market across all of the current platforms.

How can I stand out against competition during the back to school sale season?

While the opinion of kids matters, don’t discount mom and dad. While Susie may be surfing Snapchat, her parents are most likely to be checking the mail for sales. Direct mail campaigns are vital for any successful back to school marketing strategy. It’s important to note that you won’t be the only business trying to grab the attention of consumers at this time. Therefore, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. PrimeNet has a variety of unique mailers that are sure to get you noticed.

Make your sale valuable to the consumer. Try adding a school supply giveaway or a gift card to a place where the customer can shop for school supplies as part of your deal. Think of ways you can make your sale unique so that customers feel drawn to you versus your competitors.

Follow this advice, and you are sure to have an A+ back to school marketing campaign!

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Fathers Day 2020, presents for dad, marketing, advertising, summer

Father’s Day 2020: How to Sell to the Dad that has Everything

With Father’s Day coming up, you may be wondering how you can create a marketing campaign for your business that will get sales rising. Whether you have a business that is traditionally dad-savvy (like a store that sells socks and ties) or you think your business is unmarketable for the holiday, we have some ideas for you that will inspire a successful marketing campaign for Father’s Day.

Father's Day Marketing, Pizza Ad, Dad Joke

Tell Some Dad Jokes

Okay, okay… you don’t have to tell dad jokes specifically. However, Father’s Day is a perfect time to add a little humor into your marketing. Smack dab in between two more serious summer holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day, Father’s Day is a bit more lighthearted and allows for some comical freedom. Think of using funny taglines, or pictures of goofy dads – maybe with their silly children. Puns and word play are always fun. You’ll get bonus points if you can throw in a dad joke or two in your campaign as well. 😉

Hold a Father’s Day Photo Sharing Contest

User generated content is one of the most powerful forms of advertisement for businesses. This content is created by your customers (or fans) and can be a powerful tool to reach new audiences. In general, consumers are going to trust a post from their friend recommending a product vs. a post from the company itself. Another added benefit is that user generated content can equal nearly free advertising! One easy way to get people posting about your brand is by creating a photo sharing contest.

For Father’s Day, an example would be to run a contest with a grand prize and encourage your followers to enter the contest by submitting a photo of their dad through social media.

Fathers Day 2020, Dad Photo Contest, Social Media Father's Day

To make this contest most beneficial to your company, here are some guidelines:

  1. Keep it on brand. If you’re a clothing company, maybe have people submit photos of their father in a goofy outfit. If you are an electronics company, have your fans share photos of their dad’s man cave.
  2. Keep your instructions simple and clear. This should be a fun and easy process for your fans. If it’s too complicated, they will be discouraged from entering. Keep the rules simple and easy to follow. It’s also advisable to use a #uniquehashtag so that everyone can find the entries easily and follow along.
  3. Offer an amazing prize. What’s the point of holding a contest if no one wants to win the prize? Make sure you are offering a prize that enough people are going to want badly enough to enter to win it. Remember, the more people that enter the contest, the more free publicity your company will receive.

Sell a Father’s Day Experience, Not Just a Product

For most people, finding a gift for dad can be a tough process. There’s only so many ties one guy can wear, right? So instead of marketing just your products, market what dad can DO with your products.

For example, instead of selling a grill – sell the experience of a father cooking out for his family on a beautiful sunny day. Or, instead of selling a new tool, market the idea of using the tool to put together a new project with his kids.

If your business is more focused on services than products, try putting a Father’s Day spin on the service. Run a lawn mowing company? Sell the experience of dad relaxing and watching the game while his lawn is being taken care of by someone else. In the HVAC business? Sell the idea of dad being able to take on the other 100 projects on the to-do list while the professionals tackle the A/C this summer.

Be creative, no matter what product or service your business is selling, you can market it in such a way that it is applicable for Father’s Day.

Use Personalized Advertising

To add a special touch and really grab attention, personalize your message. A super simple and easy way to do this is simply by incorporating the reader’s name into your message. It’s hard to ignore an image with your name on it.

personalized variable data, fathers day, grilling, bbq

With direct mail, this process can be super simple. You already have a mailing list of who you are mailing your marketing to. Why not incorporate their information on the piece as well? This can be anything as simple as their name, to as detailed as what kind of car they drive. Your mailing list can provide all sorts of personalized information about the people you’re sending mail to.

If you’re interested in running a personalized direct mail piece, contact PrimeNet today. Call 1-800-826-2869 or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!

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Memorial Day 2020, Boosting Sales After Covid

Memorial Day 2020: Boosting Sales after COVID-19

Memorial Day has always been a booming holiday for businesses, but in 2020 this holiday could be even more important. As of May 1st, many states have starting rolling out re-opening plans after shutting down due to COVID-19. The New York Times has put together a helpful interactive map to keep track of the re-opening status of every state, which you can find here. Whether states are fully open or not, it seems that things are slowly starting to get back to some sort of “normal.” This means that our economy should hopefully be returning to normal soon as well.

Memorial Day, cookout, grilling, family

What does this mean for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day has typically symbolized the kick-off of summer and therefore has always been a great time to focus on marketing and sales efforts. According to a study conducted in 2018, 8 in 10 Americans were projected to spend an average $486 over the 2018 Memorial Day weekend. In other words, Americans were projected to spend $36 billion overall during the holiday weekend.1

These statistics have steadily grown over time as well. In fact, the average amount spent was up 50% (from $320 per person) since 2016! This means that Memorial Day 2020 would have originally have been expected to see even higher numbers. We know, however, that the coronavirus will probably have an impact on these statistics.

Can Memorial Day 2020 still bring in sales?

The answer is an excited, empathic, astounding yes, yes, YES! While the sales numbers may not be record-breaking this year, Memorial Day can still be a great time to kick-off your summer season profits. States are slowly opening back up, and although consumers may be hesitant, they want to get out and do something. People have been confined to their homes for months now, often times alone. Given the opportunity to venture back into the real world, a lot of people are going to jump at the chance!

Safety is still important.

While people will want to go back to their normal activities, they will still be concerned about their safety and you should be too. In order to ensure the best for everyone involved, make sure that you are following the CDC guidelines to best run your business. This will involve things such as practicing social distancing, and sanitizing everything properly, etc. You will also want to let your customers know what changes you have made to make them safer, so that they have peace of mind.

sanitizer, clean, covid-19, coronavirus

Not ready to open your building to the public?

If you’re not ready to bring the public into your space at full capacity, that’s okay. Do you have a product that can be shipped or delivered? Offer online purchasing. Adding extra incentives such as “free shipping” or a discount with bulk purchasing will incentivize customers to go ahead with their purchases. During the past few months, there has actually been an increase of e-commerce traffic due to people wanting to shop from the safety of their homes.

Make sure customers spend with YOU.

We’ve established that customers WILL be shopping, but how can you make sure they are shopping at your business? MARKETING. Make sure you have a good marketing campaign running to get the word out about your business and what you have to offer. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted many people economically, which means one thing: they will be looking, more than ever, for savings. Offer a good deal!

Direct Mail offers cost-effective marketing.

A quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to get the word out about your business and the value it brings to your customers is by running a direct mail campaign. Did you know that most people actually look forward to checking their mail?  An attractive design paired with a targeted mailing list can mean that the perfect people are seeing YOUR offer and will come to your business.

This is where PrimeNet comes in. Contact us today, and let us help you get started on your next direct mail campaign. Whether it’s a postcard, a self-mailer, a letter, or something a little more flashy, we’ve got the tools and team to create a stunning mail piece for you. This, combined with our targeted mailing list, will be sure to bring business to your doorsteps!

Memorial Day Direct Mailers License Plates

Have to see it for yourself?

Request Direct Mail Samples Button

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Call us today at 1-800-826-2869 to get started on your Memorial Day direct mail campaign!

1 Consumer Insights for Marketers

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direct marketing covid19 coronavirus image tortise turtle

The COVID-19 Economy – Strategies to Help Your Business Recover from Prolonged Downtime

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking absolute havoc on the global economy, the way we do business, as well as how we present our marketing strategies – are looking at quite a shift.

Air travel and the entire cruise business have been hit especially hard by orders to ‘stay at home’, sports games and major events are canceled, countries have put up travel restrictions to try to keep the virus out (and contained), and public health officials and hospitals have been continually bracing for the worst. In such times of crisis, it can be rather difficult to remain calm and think optimistically. Entrepreneurs and business leaders have no choice but to stay calm under pressure. After all, this is part of their role.

By taking proactive steps now, you will be able to keep your business in a secure position to stay strong and recover faster once the crisis subsides. In fact, China, where we first heard of this, is already showing signs of economic recovery. Here are some key strategies and economic insights to help your business recover from COVID-19, and any other economic catastrophe that may present.

Strategic Thinking – How Coronavirus May Affect Your Customers

Depending on your industry, your customers may be having specific new pain points related to this pandemic. You must think strategically about how this is affecting your customers, what their worries are, and how you can specifically help. Then you can adjust your sales pitch to match your marketing – each built around how to address these specific challenges and concerns. For example, are your customers…

  • Struggling with market uncertainty and slowdown in demand?
  • Wondering how to manage their cash flow?
  • Worried about supply-chain disruptions?
  • Facing a shortage of key inventory or supplies driven by consumers panic-buying and stocking up?
  • Worried about how to manage employees in an environment where everyone might need to work from home?
  • Worried about travel restrictions?

All of these challenges for business can really be exacerbated by a crisis like COVID-19. Your duty as a business owner is to figure out ways to re-position your products and services so they are most helpful, as well as address the specific pain points that your customers are confronting.

For example, if you sell video-conferencing solutions, this is an ideal opportunity for you to offer additional support and consulting to help your customers figure out how to adapt their remote workflows. If you are in the logistics business, now is a good time to reach out to your customers with possible solutions to navigate the latest issues affecting the global supply chain.

Embrace new sales channels

Even as more of the country goes into lockdown, people still are going to want and need to buy things, creating opportunities to serve your market via alternative sales channels. For example, if coronavirus is cutting down on foot traffic to your retail business, look to expand your e-commerce offerings. Restaurants in China have seen a decrease in in-store customers, so they’re selling takeout meals instead, and offering curbside pickup and free local delivery.

You must not give up on advertising. Think of ways you can boost your online-marketing efforts and e-commerce sales – can you create more conversations on social media and LinkedIn instead of in-person sales? Many B2B companies are already well-positioned for this, especially if they sell software or other digital solutions, and those who use targeted direct mail advertising should still be sending their coupons and discounts – but changing their call to action to send customers to a knowledgeable telephone sales representative, live chat, or directly their order site to use a coupon code from the mail piece.

train direct mail keep advertising i think i can i know i can

Think about the affect of on long-term investments in your business.

If you’re in B2B sales, COVID-19 might be an opportunity to make some longer-term investments in your business. Especially if you’re seeing a short-term slowdown – this is the time to re-evaluate your operations, platforms and processes and do some long-term strategic planning.

If you have a few big prospects in your sales pipeline, now would be a great time to put more energy into lead management and nurturing those longer-term opportunities. It’s so important to keep checking in with your leads, reassure them if needed, and let them know that you are planning for contingencies. Most importantly, let your customers know you’re always there to help.

This unprecedented situation is, of course, driving a lot of cancellations for things like airline reservations, cruises, concert tickets and conferences, but bigger-picture B2B sales may not be quite as severely affected, unless the crisis goes on for so long that it causes companies to cut back on spending and investments. It’s always important to keep on top of your business leads with the long game in mind, even when the short-term headlines seem dire and the situation feels uncertain.

Related: 3 Ways to Safeguard Your Business as Coronavirus Spreads (

lion be prepared direct mail covid-19 recovery blog image

Prepare in advance for ‘held’ demand.

A lesson to look at from Chinese businesses is that the post-coronavirus economic recovery may potentially be faster than we expect. If you cut back too far right now, there is a chance that you might not be positioned to capitalize on the post-crisis recovery. We definitely don’t want to downplay the seriousness of the public-health aspects of this crisis – everyone still needs to take precautions to stay healthy and reduce the spread. But we really believe that companies can put some good measures in place right now to be positioned for greater success when this becomes the past.

There will always be change, challenges and crises that affect our businesses. What we can control – what we can DO is recognize and adapt to the challenges and embrace the opportunities they present. What we as businesses can do now, may allow us to bounce back stronger, even from a major crisis like COVID-19.


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