Classic Direct Mail Letters

Classic Direct Mail Letters

Successful direct mail is targeted. It sends a message in a way that’s both powerful and memorable while talking directly to the customer as an individual. A letter is a great way to engage in conversation. Yes, you read that correctly. A well-written direct mail letter is a highly effective method of engaging customers.

It’s easy to get the idea that in today’s age of smartphones, instant gratification, and the all-knowing internet for everything, a simple direct mail letter is not going to be effective. Maybe it’s better to send a schnazzy brochure or a flimsy trinket. BUT if you ignore the direct mail letter, you’re turning a blind eye to one of the most tested and proven ways to engage a consumer to get a result.

Your letter will be incredibly effective at getting response when well-thought and well-written. There is one trick though: You must be sure you give your letter its chance by creating a direct mail envelope that refuses to be ignored.

Once opened, the letter is the direct link to sales conversion.

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