G7 Simplified

What is G7 Compliance?G7 Compliance Master Qualification Seal

G7 is simply defined as “a repeatable process across all output devices”.

To explain G7 to our busy clients who may not have the time to learn all of the technical printing ’jargon’, the following is a simplified definition:

In layman’s terms, G7 can be compared to hitting a bullseye on a dartboard. As long as a press can stay within that circle, it’s considered a PASS. If there is more than one press, and even just one of them hits that target dead center, that would be excellent. If both (or more) hit it dead center, that would be next to impossible.

So, the next best thing is to try to hit as close to that center as possible, with every press, every time. Every output device will behave a little differently due to factors like age of the press, climate, consumables, condition and many other challenging factors. IDEAlliance recognizes this, and has done extensive testing to determine at what point visually the human eye can detect a difference on a side by side comparison – and at what point, visually, the range of difference is no longer in compliance. If you have a “bullseye” on one press and your next press is a PASS but hits near the outer ring of that “bullseye”, the average human eye should not be able to visually see a difference. There is a 5% tolerance factored into the “Delta E”, the numbers that the eyes are unable to see.

Here is a real life example: If someone is physically holding a target print in one hand, and a print from the press in the other, and the color looks just the same on each, that person looking at a PASS. However, if he or she is folding the printed piece, or laying one on top of the other so the color blocks are touching, or even cutting holes in the printed color block and positioning one on top of the other to match it, that is an effort beyond standards where the person is now forcing the eye to look past a G7 passing target to print.

On the contrary, any color in a range beyond the outer ring of that “bullseye” is considered past the 5% tolerance for G7 compliance. Visually, the eye will be able to detect a difference, and this is considered a FAIL.

G7 at PrimeNet:

G7 Compliance is a status that doesn’t come easy. In the United States there are only 1027* Master Printers listed on the IDEAlliance® website alone, in Florida PrimeNet is one of only 23* of those printers. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Having this compliance documentation includes PrimeNet in an elite group of printers who are integral to clients in need of very fine-tuned printing specifications. It allows for growth that many printers will be unable to accommodate, which is why this compliance is often sought out by commercial business to protect brand integrity.

Our Epson proofer passes G7 standards with flying colors. If one were to compare a client supplied proof with a proof from our Epson proofer, and the colors happened to vary, it’s likely that the output process from the client’s printer may not have come from a G7 compliant device. If this occurs, we will take the extra initiative to discuss this with our client to decide if they would prefer to hit the G7 industry standard, or have our pressmen work to get closer to the proof the client has supplied.

To Our Valued Clients:

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions. We take pride in our work, and we strive to continue to pass these high G7 compliance standards. We’ll be happy to further explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

*Numbers are approximate and may vary due to the liquidity of printers obtaining compliance documentation throughout the year.


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