Hurricane Dorian Relief Information


Being in the direct mail industry, we focus heavily on weather conditions so we can keep abreast of delivery schedules.

When hurricanes come near, we’re glued to the NOAA updates. We, on the Florida west coast were very lucky this time, but others were not so fortunate. We want to help.

Hurricane Dorian, One of the most powerful hurricanes ever on record, has devastated the Bahamas, leaving  thousands of homes and businesses completely destroyed. It’s been reported that entire communities have been “wiped out,” and aid agencies are estimating that tens of thousands of people will need support.

“We are in the midst of one of the greatest national crises in our country’s history…” “No effort or resources will be held back.”  -Hubert Minnis, Bahamas Prime Minister

Agencies are mobilizing to offer disaster relief assistance, and we wanted to take the time to research so that those who would like to donate know that they are donating to a reputable agency who will allocate the maximum funding and efforts possible to assist those in need.

Experts state that monetary donations are very important for disaster relief organizations to fund recovery efforts, and every little bit helps. Monetary donations are easy to organize, track and distribute, and they should be prioritized over contributing physical items, unless an organization asks for specific things.

Here are a few organizations we recommend who are working on the ground or in concert with organizations in the Bahamas:

Bahamas Red Cross Mission:
To prevent and alleviate suffering wherever it may be found.
To protect life and health and ensure respect for the human being.
To work for the prevention of disease and the promotion of health and social welfare.
To train personnel and encourage voluntary service.
To act as a channel for collecting money and goods donated by the general public for the sick and suffering.

International Relief Teams “International Relief Teams alleviates the suffering caused by poverty and disaster around the globe, from the forgotten corners of the world to right here at home, by sending volunteer teams, relief supplies, and other assistance to improve the lives of those who suffer most.”

International Medical Corps “A preeminent First Responder, International Medical Corps provides emergency relief to those struck by disaster, no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions, working with them to recover, rebuild and gain the skills and tools required for self-reliance.”

We encourage you to help if you are able. More information and updates can be found on The Bahamas Relief Website as well.

Important message for Florida charities: All charities soliciting within Florida – excluding religions, educational and government entities – are required to register and file financial information with the with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. To check whether a charitable organization is properly registered, visit Check-A-Charity, a resource that provides the information reported to the department.

A good rule of thumb is to support charities where Program Services make up at least 75% of the expenses.  That’s one of the things the United Way does to determine if a charities can qualify for funds from them.

Many thanks to all who donate.



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