Direct Mail Remains Most Effective Medium

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Direct Mail Remains Most Effective Medium

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The popularity of digital marketing has added an interesting dynamic to the advertising industry, but despite the new bells and whistles the Internet provides for brands, direct mail remains the most effective medium available. Businesses can maximize the technique’s usefulness by employing best practices and investing in mailing software.

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According to research from the Direct Marketing Association, while physical mail advertisements may take more time and care to craft than digital media, mail continues to deliver results beyond its high-tech counterparts, reported. For instance, the DMA found direct mail response rates typically hover around 1.1 to 1.4 percent, while email produces a much less impressive 0.03 percent. The news source confirmed it’s the same with Internet display ads, which garnered a slightly better 0.04 percent, and paid search, which experienced a 0.22 percent response rate. The effectiveness of direct mail is clear; however, companies often struggle to grasp the strategy’s potential. To convert mail pieces into effective advertisements, it’s important that marketers remember to:

Consider personal preferences
Every day, thousands of mailers are sent to thousands of mailboxes. Meaning that chances are, marketers have seen their fair share of direct mail pieces. Entrepreneur Magazine suggests companies and leadership should leverage their personal insights to help shape specific advertisements. When organizations examine what has worked on staff members, such as, color schemes and sales pitches, they can build a unique piece that’s already been tested.

Include a sales letter
A promotional letter may not be the most exciting direct marketing tool available, but it is still one of the simplest and most effective. Writing a sales letter doesn’t have to be torture. Businesses should aim for simplicity and readability over extravagance. The idea is to identify a problem and then offer a solution, the respective company’s product or service. Advertisers should aim to provide potential customers with good information, but not so much that they feel satiated. The news source said to leave shoppers wanting more.

Letters should run no longer than two pages and a return envelope, or card, should be part of the overall mailer. It’s a good idea for advertisers to include a promotional item, like a brochure or information kit, to further generate interest.

Have an intention
It’s hard to design a mail piece if the structure’s purpose hasn’t first been well-thought out. Entrepreneur said every mailer should include a call to action, which drives readers toward the piece’s overall intention–likely sales. Otherwise, marketers are only creating brand recognition, the magazine explained.
Invest in contact data quality solutions

The effectiveness of a direct mail piece depends largely on its design, but a successful campaign is the product of information management. Without a clean, well-organized and accurate mailing list, businesses risk significant financial loss due to incorrect postage and returned pieces. Using address management software, companies can quickly streamline all postal operations by determining address integrity and organizing data as information is input into the system.
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