Door Hangers : A Cost Effective Direct Marketing Vehicle

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Door Hangers : A Cost Effective Direct Marketing Vehicle

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Door Hangers are a Cost Effective Direct Marketing Vehicle.

Door hanger marketing is often an ignored direct marketing program even though it offers great value and opportunity to businesses that are targeting a specific neighborhood or service area.

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Door hangers are cost effective to print, and are an extremely effective marketing program for any industry. Door hanger advertising works FABULOUSLY for the Home Improvement industry i.e.: heating & air, roofing, remodeling, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and many others.

Whether you are bidding on a job, doing a repair, or on a scheduled service visit; having your sales person or technician place door hangers on just 15 homes around the appointment will increase your business in a concentrated area.

A Few Benefits of Door Hanger Marketing:

  1. Cost effective direct marketing program.
  2. Generates new business, increases your client base and creates name recognition in a targeted area.
  3. Saves you money by reducing mileage and gas expenses on your vehicles.
  4. Reduces drive-time, thus saving you money on drive-time compensation, and allowins more time for appointments.

Tips for creating an effective Door Hanger Campaign:

  1. Determine the specific purpose of your door hanger; What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. The creative; Make your door hanger eye-catching. Today more than ever, it is important to include high quality, 4-color photos or art.
  3. Like a direct mail post card, you should include a deadline or a place to add a deadline. Use one side for art and your message, and the other for offers.
  4. The message; Less is more. Be simple and clear with bold headlines focused on your offer.
  5. Establish the expectation for your team members of delivering 10-15 door hangers around each job.

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If you are interested in Door Hangers please contact me at PrimeNet 1-800-826-2869. With our custom designed services and expertise with vibrant eye catching 4 color graphics we will capture the attention of your target audience.

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