Direct Mail Marketing Strategy: Warm up prospects with PrimeWARM

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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy: Warm up prospects with PrimeWARM

Chuck, Blog Image Direct Mail Marketing Strategy  By Chuck Alsdurf, Vice President

PrimeWARM Direct Mail Marketing Strategy:

Pick a geographic area using zip code(s) or PrimeNet’s mapping tool!

Design a postcard to mail to 10,000 names:

Postcards Direct Mail Marketing Strategy PrimeWARM








Mail 10,000:
• 5,000 receive postcard only
• 5,000 receive postacrd +PrimeWARM®

• Using the complete mailing list, PrimeNet will match household Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for 5,000 names (Note: Estimated match rate is 80%)
• When the household is on their computer and searching for the services that’s in your mailer, they will see:

PrimeWARM Direct Mail Marketing Strategy_______________________________________________________________________

Response for PrimeWARM Direct Mail Marketing Strategy






• Postcards Only – 1.50%
• Postcards + PrimeWARM – 1.75%
Call PrimeNet today to use PrimeWARM on your next marketing project!

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