New Product: The Textured Leatherette Planner

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New Product: The Textured Leatherette Planner

We’d like to introduce PrimeNet’s Textured Leatherette Planner.

Textured Leatherette Planner mailpiece direct mail smallThis mailer has been designed to look and FEEL like a realistic leather planner and boasts a combination of dimensional visual elements such as torn-paper prize vouchers and handwritten calendar reminders. There is ample space for a personalized message to the consumer, which can be customized to fit your industry-specific audience.

Below is an example of a piece for the automotive industry featuring a guaranteed prize winner and sales event calendar reminders, however this can be tailored by our creative team to suit ANY industry! (keep scrolling for more information…)

Textured Leatherette Planner mailpiece direct mailLeatherette Planner Open Dimensions: 12″x10″

Get away from everyday mailings and incorporate a leatherette mailer into your lineup.

Texturing gives three dimensions to an otherwise flat printing surface, and leatherette’s unique pebble-grain texture creates an appealing look and feel to any mailing. Its elegant feel and appearance gets noticed in the mailbox immediately – making it ideal for direct mail.

Our sense of touch is the catalyst to our uniquely human emotional world and the way we connect with others. Experiments have shown how touch affects consumer behavior, even subconsciously. Research has found that tactile advertising improves brand perceptions and increases consumer purchase consideration.

• Creates a tactile response with the recipient.

• Looks and feels like fine leather embossing.

• Increases willingness to try, purchase and recommend the brands to others.

We are bombarded with visual messages all the time, but touch can create a pause from these and give us time to reconnect with reality. Touch shapes our understanding and emotional response to communications. Planning for tactility in advertising can take advantage of this most powerful of our senses.

Contact your PrimeNet representative for pricing at 1-800-826-2869.


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