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Updated and accurate residential mailing lists invite your message into every home.

Where do you go when you want your message to access to every household in the country? With saturation residential lists, you’ll get right into every home. There are well over 113 MILLION home addresses throughout the 50 states, and we have the one of the most updated and accurate residential mailing list resources in the industry. If you want to do a mailing to every household in the U.S., or narrow it down to the state, county, city, or even town level, a residential list is what you are looking for. Our residential list manager will work with you to choose addresses by zip code, radius, or even specific mail delivery route(s).

With a saturation list, the label is not personalized to one name, but addressed to “Resident”. The benefit of this is the highest rate of deliverability – your mailing will not be returned if someone in the household has moved. Every resident list is pre-sorted by default, and qualifies your mailing for the lowest possible postage rates.

We have list managers who ensure our data is clean, complete and accurate. We are constantly updating according to USPS and Census data so you can ensure you’re getting a list with the most up-to-date information.

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Make your next marketing list campaign a success by calling for a professional consultation with one of our mailing list experts: 1-800-826-2869, or send us an email via our contact form.


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