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HOT Holiday Product Alert! CodeKase Game Piece Mailer

Pat blog image direct mail codecase

The Winter CodeKase Mailer is Just in Time for the Holidays!

Spread some cheer with direct mail for the Holidays! If your number matches, you’re definitely a WINNER! This piece is guaranteed to get customers in the door this Holiday Season because EVERYONE is a winner with the Holiday CodeKase Game Piece Mailer!

CodeKase Game Piece:

The Holiday CodeKase Game Piece is a direct mail product that gets attention by announcing WINNERS! Of course, who doesn’t want to be a winner? The CodeKase has a simple concept match-up number guaranteed to bring in customers and increase ROI this Holiday Season. More information and product specifications can be found here.

Call us today • 1-800-826-2869 • and learn how we can help you with your next promotion!


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Are you ready for the shopping season? Black Friday kicks it off!

direct mail black friday blog image Becky
Black Friday Direct Mail Self Mailer - Folded

Why send direct mail for Black Friday?

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. The time for hot sales and great deals is fast approaching, and that means it’s the perfect time to get your message out there to create your holiday hype! A unique direct mail design coupled with targeted offers to the most likely consumers presents a winning combination for bringing in profits for the holiday season.

You can expect to work closely with our professional account managers and design team to create a Black Friday campaign that gets customers in the door and helps you return the best results for your business! Start off the Holiday shopping season right with personalized direct mailers for Black Friday Deals!

For more details, take a look at our Black Friday samples here.

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PrimeNet in Largo, FL is HIRING!

direct mail blog image MKeefe

We’ve just opened an incredibly rewarding opportunity for a Direct Mail Sales position! Details Here.

PrimeNet is a fast-paced, growth oriented, direct marketing company that provides print solutions to top companies across the US. We are seeking both full time and part time employees with direct mail/direct marketing experience to join our headquarters located in Largo, FL.

PrimeNet is a Drug Free company and conducts pre-employment and random drug tests. Candidate must have a clean background.

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, resume and salary requirement to

An application is available for download on our Careers Page.

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Multi-Coupon Direct Mail Pieces Deliver Results!

transactional emails Hanson blog image
By sending out Multi-Coupon Direct Mail Pieces to a targeted audience, you’re sure to get the right offer in front of your customer at the right time!

This multi-coupon direct mail piece is a modern way to present many offers all at once. It is a five panel, oversized letter which can accommodate multiple offers in a variety of formats – and multiple offers will assure that you can present at least one perfect offer to entice any recipient. This type of direct mail piece is great for service coupons, maintenance reminders, equipment discount vouchers, cash back vouchers, free gift vouchers, or any other offer you can dream up!

Click an image below to scroll through examples of multi coupon direct mail pieces:


Our professional creative design team will work with you to customize your mailer to your specific business or industry so that you will get the best results. Additionally, there is an option available to have coupons perforated for easy tear-off! Our Multi-Coupon Mailer is cost-effective and offers a great value and opportunity to businesses that are targeting a specific neighborhood or service area. And the best part? There is never a need to worry about working with the post office or compiling your mailing list! Just contact us to get started and we will take care of the rest!

multi coupon direct mail piecesMulti-Coupon Mailers will Get the RIGHT OFFER in Front of Your Customer!

This direct mail piece is a great choice for the service industry due to the variety of coupons, but can be modified to accommodate any business which offers promotional discounts to increase traffic and conversions!





– 8.5 x 17″ letter 1 sided
– Four Color
– Folded & Inserted into a #10
window envelope
– Resident List
– Personalized Mailer
– Product Design
– Dedicated Account Manager
– Mail Delivery
– Postal Receipt & Delivery Reports


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Capture Their Attention by Delivering Your Message in a UPS Envelope!

UPS Envelope direct mail envelope blog
When you get a UPS envelope delivered to your home,
do you open it right away?

Of course you do!!! And so DOES EVERYONE ELSE!

PrimeNet is an approved vendor for UPS Mail Innovations. Partnering with them allows us to offer UPS envelopes that are personally delivered by the United States Postal Service directly to your client or future client! This definitely gives a new definition to “direct mail”!

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Recent Data Driven Trends: Newest Data Innovations Explained

Vanessa Data Innovations Blog Image
A few years back, Big Data came into play and brought with it an enormous scaling of data to be made available on any given event. The incredible volume of data has proven quite a shift – demanding innovation on the process aspect of data analytics. Cheaper storage, increased speed and high level data engineers have been brought together to manage the data transformation. These data innovations have been written and discussed ad nauseam. A more recent but less noticed evolution in the realm of data analytics regards the actual content which is analyzed.

Transactional and marketing data sets are expanding toward a new multiverse of data which includes the dynamics of human behavior and also the coming together of marketing and financial data. Let’s have a look at these latest examples of these recent data driven trends.

Data Innovations blog graphic, Direct Mail

Behavioral Data via Neuroscience

The survey, for example, has been around for eons. Commonly, surveys are centered around customer service and satisfaction, but for marketing-to-conversion purposes, surveys with questions about human behavior are on the rise – and rightly so. This type of data is being used to track customer paths to purchases in a very sophisticated multi-channel world. Surveys are very powerful tools to use together with more scientific rules and reporting.

When we sift through and add up the orders that each marketing set claims as driven by their budget, it usually adds up to more orders than

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NEW Autumn Direct Mail Products are Ready!

NEW Autumn direct mail products are ready to mail!
It’s time for the changing of seasons (in most states anyhow!) and with the coming of the crisp Fall weather, fresh Fall ideas abound!

There is no better time than the present to kick off your direct mail campaigns for the upcoming holiday season, and with our vibrant new Autumn direct mail pieces going out to your target audience, you’ll be rounding up customers in no time!

Have a look at some of our newest Autumn direct mail samples:

Megalope Fall Mailer - Autumn direct mail

Megalope Autumn Sample

Full Window Envelope View - Autumn direct mail

Large Full Window Samples

Holiday Uimage Pictoral Text Sample Covers - Autumn direct mail

Holiday uImage Sample Covers







…or click an image below to scroll through the Autumn Sample Gallery:

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Audience Segmentation: Tips for a Strong Digital Marketing Program

Pam Audience Segmentation blog image
Audience Segmentation • Fine Tuned Listening • Automation

Like almost every marketer, you must make difficult decisions each day about how you will spend your limited time and resources.  Because of that, you’ll want to be sure you’re making the most efficient use of the strategies and tools you will be employing. Many marketing articles will go on about specific tactics and how to maximize your approach to one key task. Improving calls to action to deliver the best possible offers by working closely with your business development associates is an excellent strategy to drive more revenue.

But sometimes, the advice can (and should) take a higher look at how to remake your entire marketing effort.  One of the best ways to maximize your marketing resources is to focus on mastering three key strategies and then base your future success on delivering your best work in these areas. This tip sheet focuses on the critical “Big Three” of Listening, Audience Segmentation and Automation. And yes, you should think about them in that order – beginning with listening and ending with action. So let’s dive into 10 tips across these three key areas of digital marketing.

1. Expand the way you think about listening.
Many marketers do an excellent job of capturing prospect and customer behaviors in some areas, but either neglect others or do so only at an aggregate level. Make it a goal to listen more closely to individuals — and at scale. Look at the customer journey and think about all the ways contacts interact with you across channels – purchases, emails, mobile apps, social, Web behaviors, etc. Where could you do a better job of listening?

Listening is more important than ever for driving success in marketing these days – especially in various social channels. That might sound insane, but if you’re not dedicating a large portion of your effort to listening – you’re likely missing the point. Look at it this way: There’s so much more value in using social channels to engage and listen rather than just shout a sales pitch.

Identify some key behaviors which are most important to your business. If you don’t have a

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