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Tips for Advertising After a Natural Disaster Recovery Period

direct mail for natural disasters blue hurricane icon In the aftermath of the recent Hurricanes, sales can take a downward turn despite your perceived best advertising efforts. But they don’t have to! Why? It comes down to sensitivity and delivering the right message to the right demographic. For direct mail, that may simply mean altering your scheduled message to include post-disaster resource information as soon as an event is predicted, and an emotionally sensitive, useful follow up after mail delivery service restoration.

It’s important to think about shifting your marketing in response to serious events.

Residents in areas where natural disasters are prone to happen tend to be keen on planning ahead. Whether we’re talking about earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, brush fires or tornadoes, when they do happen, the impact on daily life can be so severe that advanced preparation is critical.

Marketers don’t typically think about this unless they are in a prone area themselves. We hope to shed some light on the issue and help you with some tips for advertising pre, during and post natural disaster.

For utilities businesses, a natural disaster boosts business activity as crews respond to outages. However, in many situations, marketers are likely to put the brakes on regular marketing efforts since marketing to customers at the time of outages can be seen as pointless. BUT natural disasters can provide important opportunities to communicate unique, relevant messages to those who are preparing for, or have fallen victim to a natural disaster. In fact, if planned and executed properly, your outreach during disaster periods can deliver a brand experience these folks will appreciate and remember.

Being proactive in your planning approach to post-disaster marketing is key to understanding the role your message can play in maintaining customer satisfaction in these tough times. This process includes:

*Understanding geographical trends so you can identify possible events that could occur in your marketing territory

*Learning how people use different channels of media during and after a natural disaster

*Considering media redirection strategies that will help open communications channels for immediate needs to minimize potential losses from advertising that has already been contracted

Here are a few considerations for a natural disaster marketing plan:

Know the geographical event areas and probability calendar.

Make sure you brush up on which areas you serve are more prone to specific types of natural disasters. For example, hurricanes are most common near the Gulf and East coasts. Central Texas to Nebraska is known as Tornado Alley, and earthquakes have the most common occurrence in Coastal California, Oregon and Washington State. Of course, each type of natural disaster will affect people differently and the recovery activity that follows one type of disaster will look very different from another. Knowing how the landscape is likely to be affected will help you come up with scenarios that can possibly occur and shape the communication frameworks that are needed to address each separately.

Disaster planning, from an advertising point of view, becomes much more important to campaigns that are typically scheduled for the months when the disasters are more likely to occur. For example: Tornadoes are most common from March to May. Atlantic hurricane season runs from late May to November. Wildfires are most common in the summer,because of heat, droughts and winds. While flooding occurs year-round, there is a bit of seasonality based on things like snow melt and coastal storms. Earthquakes, are unfortunately not seasonal, so tentative planning is crucial.

Google has a useful tool to show early watches and warnings for specific areas:

google disaster map screenshot 2017-late-sept

Google Disaster Map Sample

Learn to adapt your media utilization to changes in consumer use.

The big ‘wild card’ a natural disaster introduces into campaign planning: consumer media usage. Most marketers have a good idea of how their target audience uses different media from day to day. But not nearly as much is known about how media use curves when disaster strikes.

Right before an event, it’s been shown that television local broadcast channel usage increases most, followed by social media and radio, accounting for over 75% of media consumption during this time. Then, during a natural disaster, TV and internet usage drops when signals cut out, while radio, mobile devices, and word of mouth increase. Mobile device usage has been shown to more than triple, mainly due to loss of power. After an event, radio is typically the first medium people turn to for information, even after power returns. But TV and internet usage quickly recoup as recovery begins.

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have become the go-to for millions of people, making social media a major media resource during recovery efforts following natural disasters. Approximately 76% of US natural disaster survivors use social media to contact friends and family posting images and sharing stories of their experiences.

Common hashtags seen during recovery periods include:  #NoFuel #NoGas #PowerLineDown #FoundGas #PowerOut

Companies and charities can leverage social media as an effective way to locate people in need of help. In addition to providing updates on power outages and anticipated return of service, utility companies in particular can partner with government, relief agencies and local minimally affected businesses to extend their traditional customer support and emergency response. Customers will appreciate the community message that “we’re in this together” and “here to help” long after the disaster, which will result in improved customer satisfaction and value.

Redirect your previously scheduled media.

There are a few best practices you can follow to ensure that when disaster hits, your response is relevant and effective.


Planned marketing activities, such as media placements that are ready to deliver, may need to be put on hold. This allows you to shift your resources to marketing activities to support disaster communications.

Plan and develop criteria ahead of time to make it easier to decide which events would prompt you to cancel or pause a campaign, or interrupt a campaign with new content specific to disaster support.

Know your cancellation or change policies for media used in each campaign, as well as the process and timing requirements to replace campaign content.

Have relevant alternative messages and pre-packaged content ready to go, in case you are unable to cancel a media schedule or wish to update your advertising to highlight disaster sensitivity and useful information. Use flexible formatting for your content so that you can easily insert relevant copy into key messages.

Maintain your database of current contacts from each media vendor to ensure 24/7 vendor availability.

Have a database of contingency vendors in case your usual partners are affected by the disaster and need to temporarily close for business.

Ramp Up.

Pre-planning is critical to maintaining, even increasing communications on the fly.

Understand ahead of time, your local media options and the geographic coverage they can provide before, during and after an event. Natural disasters rarely match up with marketing and demographic schedules, so you should stay abreast of the effective coverage – and associated waste – that will occur with each media option.

Pre-negotiate rates and schedules that can be quickly activated if needed for contingencies.

Build a creative toolbox of pre-formatted messages you can adapt to varying circumstances, and be certain that your messaging is sensitive to your audience’s recovery period.

Maintain a list of relevant hashtags for your social media usage so that you can search for opportunities and extend your reach. The White House, FEMA and U.S. Department of Energy have standardized hashtags: #PowerLineDown, #NoFuel and #GotFuel to enable citizens to report downed power lines or whether a gas station has fuel. The Weather Channel has committed to publicizing these hashtags to its audience.

Develop partnerships with federal and local entities and cause-based companies to plan how you can work together to support shared agendas.

The bottom line of natural disaster advertising:

Natural disasters can arrive with little to no warning. By knowing when they may be more likely to hit, and how the public use of media changes in the moments of an event, you can be ready with a good communication plan. This may mean jumping right into action or waiting for the right moment to return to regularly scheduled marketing.

Planning ahead with your marketing will help you make informed and logical decisions when there is little time to shift your message.


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Get a Head Start on Your Direct Mail Campaigns for Fall

Latte Thanksgiving Mailer Ideas


Before you grab that pumpkin latte…


Oh, nevermind. Go get the latte and read while you’re sipping…
Because it’s time for the FALL marketing season to begin!
And we’ve got some unique new mailers for you.

September opens the door to a busy marketing season – a time of profitable sales and ramped up customer engagement for a lot of  businesses. BUT, it also means a TON of competition. By getting a head start with your mailings while your competitors are just on the outskirts of thinking about their online campaigns, you will be reaching customers right at home, and right in the mailbox – with individual personalization.

Fall Mailer Ideas Autumn Advertising

Cozy up with a Festive Fall Mailer Design –
and psst
check out our unique new off-fold self mailer for this Fall!

Now is a great time to begin transitioning the look of your offers. Send your customers and prospects the delight that comes along with the changing of the seasons. Fall is a joyful and happy time, so let your direct mail material reflect that. It’s also a good time to experiment with new unique designs and promotions for the Fall holidays. When your prospect receives their unique new Autumn direct mail piece, especially when it comes before the influx of Autumn sales mail, they will notice and remember.

Take a look at some newest pieces we have to offer for Fall…


Holiday marketing is getting earlier and earlier.

While some of us are still coming in from the beach, approximately 34 million people have already started thinking about their holiday shopping. Christmas shopping is starting as early as September, A.K.A “Now” at the time of this publication! It’s wise to go ahead and take advantage of this time at the start of the season so that you are at the very front of the line and the top of your audience’s mind before and during the holidays.

Savings for Fall are as tasty as that pumpkin spiced latte.

Who doesn’t love getting a good deal any time of year? BUT, with Autumn in the air, promotions are even more enticing during this particular time. For one, it’s because people are on the lookout for good deals as the holidays draw nearer – Plus there is just something about Fall that makes people want to go out – and come home with something new. So go ahead and give your prospects something to be happy about … early in the season!

Get your Autumn direct mail marketing rolling today! Starting early with your Fall campaign will help you increase sales and gear up for your holiday campaigns too! Want help getting started? Call on PrimeNet. We’re here to help.


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This Week: Direct Mail Tips for Restaurants

Learn How Direct Mail Increases Restaurant Revenues

Having been a guest at a recent hospitality Marketing and Operations Summit hosted by one of our valued partners, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, we were able to gain a lot of knowledge about the hospitality industry that we were previously unaware of.

One of the things that surprised us was how many private, family or individually run restaurants had little understanding of what a good direct mail strategy could do for their business, while many of the corporate chains and franchises were using it to their advantage.  So, with the following information, we hope to help restaurant owners and managers learn the benefits of a direct mail strategy which will boost their customer traffic and increase restaurant revenue.  And the good news is: It doesn’t need to cost a ton.

increase restaurant revenue

Why Use Direct Mail to Increase Restaurant Revenues?

Restaurants make up one of the largest groups of direct mail users out of all industries. Why? Because it is effective in getting new and repeat business. Restaurant owners are able to see positive, measurable results through their targeted restaurant direct mail campaigns.

More Restaurant Consumers Each Year

With full work schedules, who wants to cook at home anymore? Each year, consumers across the nation are spending over $700 billion (and growing) at dining establishments. Because of this, there isn’t much ‘convincing’ necessary since half the work is already done. What you will need to convince people of is to dine at YOUR establishment, and restaurant direct mail is a tool that has proven to make that happen.

Immediate Measurable Results with New Movers

Approximately 40 million people will relocate each year. Seeing how many of these people will try a new local restaurant once they have made the move, getting your name out ahead of the competition is ‘kind of a big deal’. Direct mail marketing is a great way to accomplish this. A postcard or brochure mailing targeted to your radius and demographic presents a fairly inexpensive strategy to introduce consumers to your restaurant.
Here is an example to show just how inexpensive this can be:
(prices are for example only, and can potentially cost even LESS per piece)

• 3 mile radius # new movers per month ............. 100
• Uniquely designed postcard w/time sensitive, 
  can't-pass-it-up offer & call to action .......... $1 each including postage
• New customers redeeming offer per month .......... 12
• Cost of obtaining new customer ................... $8.33
  ------------------- Let's take this a step further : -------------------
• Average spend per ticket with offer discount...... $30
• Profit per ticket on this offer alone ............ $21.67
Average annual spending per new customer returning x12 = $2,160.

$2,060 seems like a pretty nice return on a $100 investment, right?

As the owner or manager of a restaurant, your best chances to engage new movers are as soon as they have relocated. Statistically, 80% of new residents will redeem coupons from restaurants or merchants in their new neighborhood. Restaurant direct mail marketing helps you target these individuals and families to offer them your best deals the moment they arrive in your neighborhood.

With new residents moving into the neighborhood, restaurants will experience immediate results with direct mail. Deals with limited-time offers or discounts will get people through your doors instantly. New residents are always eager to explore their new surroundings, and you want your restaurant to be known from the start of their new residence.

Customer Retention and Maintenance

Restaurant direct mail is a great way to get and keep a ‘top-of-mind’ awareness with your repeat customers. By keeping your branding consistent and continually changing your mail offers – like sending coupons for discounts, weekly promotions, local events, and keeping customers informed of menu changes, your restaurant will become a familiar brand. As an advantage to sending tangible offers, you will notice immediately if customers are redeeming certain coupons more than others – You will see where your customers are mostly concentrated geographically – You will benefit from the ability to hone your mailings and maximize business from this tracking, and keep your marketing campaign on a consistent schedule for continual repeat direct mail postacard sample

Targeted Mail vs. Digital Offers Means Less Competition in Your Market

Having a good local search ranking is one of the best feelings ever, but it’s good to keep your targeted offers off-line. Direct mail marketing will minimize the chances that your direct competitors will see your offer details. Of course, there will still be competition in the form of actual restaurants, but this ‘secret’ provides a big advantage.

Importance of Mailing Persistently and Consistently

It WILL take more than just mailing out a one-time postcard offer to really get customers frequenting your restaurant. You will have to work to create a long-term direct mail marketing strategy involving your restaurant mailers which will put you in the position to engage repeat customers. Your first mailing should always include some kind of incentive such as a discount or coupon for free appetizers or drinks, and be sure to follow up on your subsequent mailings with a different but valuable offer each time.

Keep Your Restaurant’s Website Current

Bear in mind that many people who receive your restaurant’s postcard or mailer will visit your website before they visit your restaurant or place an order, so be sure to include menu information and how customers can find you, both digitally and on the map. Additionally, always include great-quality images of your best dishes with your menu and contact information, and be sure to provide online ordering if you have the capability, and a clear phone number in the same view as your menu if you offer pick-up or delivery services.
And keep it current.

Restaurant Direct Mail Tips and Tricks:

Magnets showing your restaurant branding are useful.

One of the best ideas for restaurant direct mail is to add a magnet. This is a useful gift that many people will appreciate and stick right up on their refrigerator or file cabinet. This keeps your name in their mind and your logo in plain view.

Unique graphic design will set your mailers apart.

Your mailer design is important. This is one of the details on restaurant direct mail that many people overlook. Take advantage of your direct mail company’s design service to help create materials that are unique so that your mail does not blend in with all of the other mailpieces that the recipient may receive.

Target, Target, Target.

Evaluate any specific groups and populations in your area and then work with your list manager to target these groups with your direct mail campaign. Are there many students in your area? senior citizens? millennials? Parents? Look at the targeted groups and hone your message to resonate with them.

restaurant direct mail image sample food

Give your customers a dining deal they won’t want to pass up.

Offer your recipients a great deal. Few consumers can turn down a sweet deal. If your mailing includes an offer they can’t refuse, your response rates will be much higher as a result. A higher response rate means more interest and bigger profits for your shop.

Offer deep discounts on new menu items.

If you have new items on your menu that you want to try out on the public, include great photos of these menu items in your graphic design, along with a worthwhile discount to come in and try out your restaurant to see what they think of your new menu items.

Bring back your past customers – frequently.

Offering an exceptional experience at your restaurant will always remain the number one thing you can do to keep patrons returning, so always be sure to include current and past customers with your direct mail list. Entice them with a special coupon for returning guests. Whenever possible, collect contact information for your diners to build your mailing list, because there is a good chance they will return if they have that reminder in-hand to spark their memory of a great dining experience.

Size matters.

The restaurant business is a highly competitive marketplace. Your restaurant direct mail is likely to be one of several delivered to your area. To make your piece stand out, go large.

An alternative to just LARGE is to make your piece an unusual shape with the use of die cutting. If you get a custom die made, you will pay more initially, but think about it – A mailer in the shape of your logo – or a burger – will stand out, so who gets the attention? YOUR restaurant. If your specialty is pizza think about a slice shape. Bar? Drink shape. The possibilities are endless.

Showcase your food with enticing photographs.

Few things, besides the word itself, shout ‘delicious!’ more than a good quality photo of a mouthwatering menu item. If possible, use a professional food photographer for your mailers. It will be worth every penny.

restaurant food image sample

Restaurants are huge business and the billion-dollar revenue statistics prove it. Whether you are a gigantic chain of restaurants or a mom and pop business you can significantly improve your bottom line with restaurant direct mail.

We hope you’ve gained some insight on why restaurant direct mail works for establishments of all sizes, from Mom&Pop shops to Nationwide chains. If you are interested in learning more, or setting up a direct mail campaign of your own, please give us a call. We’re happy to help grow your dining room sales.



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Two HOT New Labor Day Mailers Ready to Bring in the Business

Summer is ending and Labor Day is fast approaching.

Labor Day means sales galore – SO, How will you get your Labor Day Weekend Sale message to stand out from your competition?  We’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, we present you with TWO cost efficient takes on tried-and-true pieces you know and love; the peek-a-boo prize mailer and affixed key mailer – but with a cost-saving twist:

Labor Day Peek-A-Boo Game Piece Mailers

Labor Day Letter with Peek-a-Boo Game Piece

A creatively formatted double window envelope shows off a potential prize that has been won which makes this letter a definite must-open. Labor Day Weekend often means time off work – which of course is a great time to boost sales by sending potential customers your message. This letter with attached savings voucher, grouped with a Peek-A-Boo insert, and patriotically decorated really stands out and boasts a winning message – Why? because the recipients clearly “have won a prize” and will need to know more! Inside, the peek-a-boo game piece is just screaming to be opened – but there is that little catch of having to wait until they arrive at your location. Customers won’t want to miss out, so they just HAVE to come in and see what they have won.  More info and samples can be found here.

Letter with Affixed Key

Labor day Letter with Key Affixed

Labor Day Weekend Bonus Cash, a Key Contest, Sale Pricing – Wait? A Key Contest? Now there’s a new idea for your Labor Day campaign.

A Labor Day Weekend promotion letter with a key attached gives potential customers a tangible and fun way to remember your event. It’s a holiday weekend, folks are relaxed and ready for the time off – so they will be sure to come try their luck, and be ready to win. When you make it a game, you’re already halfway to closing your deals.

Why does this letter stand out?

Unlike postcards with an affixed key, this key is presented in a sealed envelope. Your recipients don’t know it’s a key inside until it’s opened, and really, who wouldn’t want to know what they’ve received if there is a solid item in their envelope? These letters get opened!  Find out more about our key letters here.

Give us a call today to get your Labor Day campaigns rolling
with these HOT new pieces!


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Direct Mail Design Tips to Stand Out with USPS Informed Delivery™ Service

The results are in! We tested out USPS Informed Delivery™ service for ourselves and have come up with a few good points for direct mail.

We found that there really IS a decent quality image preview so you can see what’s coming – every day. This provides a chance for your audience to plan their to-do list a little more in advance if they want to take advantage of the deal that’s on its way.  So, with that in mind, here are some tips for designing your offer to stand out even BEFORE it hits the mailbox!

  • Offer your call-to-action on the address side of your
    piece or on your envelope.

  • Use a good color theme that will contrast well and look
    almost as good in grayscale.

  • Make your fonts easy to read by keeping it simple.
    BIG and BOLD are winners here.

  • Keep your design simple and uncluttered so that it is easy
    to get your message across.

  • Place your most important content (i.e. call-to-action) centrally
    so that it is visible on the scan.

  • Take advantage of customized design services from a trusted direct mail company or agency that is familiar with the Informed Delivery™ service.

Take a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of what your customers see in their daily Informed Delivery™ mail previews (click one of the thumbnails to enlarge):

Previously Published on April 7th, 2017:

By April 14th, USPS Informed Delivery™ will be available in all ZIP Codes spanning the United States.

Customers will be able to view household mail – Even while traveling!

Now your direct mail message will be even MORE visible to your customers!

With this optional Informed Delivery™ service from USPS, up to 10 mail piece images will arrive in morning email, which can be viewed on any computer or smartphone – but there’s more: USPS customers will be able to view additional images on a personal online dashboard in the same place packages are tracked! Even while traveling; as long as they have email or online access, people will be able to see images of many of the mail pieces which will be delivered to their mailbox.

“To automate the sortation and delivery of mail, USPS® digitally images the front of mailpieces that run through our automation equipment. Now we are using those images for a second purpose: to provide digital notifications to users in advance of the delivery of physical mail.” -USPS.COM

Interface - USPS Informed Delivery™

How can I sign up for images of my mail with USPS Informed Delivery™ to view snapshots similar to what direct mail recipients will see?

Read More

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Bizhub PRESS C1085 at PrimeNet’s MN Direct Mail Center is Running Strong!

direct mail blog MN, Charlotte - Bizhub PRESS C1085

Bizhub PRESS C1085We’re happy to announce that our
85-ppm Konica Minolta Bizhub PRESS C1085, has been running wonderfully and has proven itself as an excellent addition to our printing equipment lineup here at PrimeNet.

Clearly one of the best production devices in its class, the Bizhub PRESS C1085 has consistently scored highly on all of its quality-test categories when testing was conducted by Buyer’s Lab International (BLI), an independent research and lab services testing company. “Usually we see models that excel in one or two areas, but fall short in others,” says David Sweetnam, head of BLI’s European Research and Lab Services. “With such an impressive all-around performance, the Bizhub PRESS C1085 will be a good fit in mid-volume production environments regardless of whether productivity, image quality, media handling or ease of use is the main concern.” And in PrimeNet’s case, it is a great fit for our customers and our business, mutually.

The Bizhub PRESS C1085 boasts color consistency and is among the best in class and is one of only a few production units to earn BLI’s highest 5-star rating for color consistency. Testing instruments “recorded no drift greater than Delta 2.9 on any of 12 colors on coated or non-coated stock when measured at five intervals over the course of 1,000 impressions. Text and fine lines were equally stellar, also earning 5-star ratings, and the device produced smooth halftone curves across all four colors.” Source: BLI, via

Media-handling capabilities include:

High maximum A3/SRA3 capacity of 13,890 sheets and support for three stackers providing an uninterrupted stacking capacity of 15,000 sheets.
Uninterrupted paper and toner refill, thus making the Bizhub PRESS C1085 capable of running 24-hour shifts with virtually no downtime.
High media weight support up to 350 gsm, including for duplexing
Air-suction feeding on all paper sources to aid handling of coated stocks.
Dehumidifier and preheat features assist with handling of offset media.
Humidifier option designed to reduce rippling and paper curl.
Supports several controller options.
When paired with the Konica Minolta controller, user-friendly job ticketing and extensive color management can be utilized, and operators are able to reorder and add or delete pages without needing to reRIP files before printing.
Excellent integration between the device media catalog and controllers

When tested with the Mixed Media Speed preference, the Bizhub PRESS C1085 achieved and maintained consistent simplex and duplex throughput speeds across the entire supported media range, plus it outperformed its closest competitors when printing on A3 and larger paper.

As an add-on, PrimeNet’s Bizhub PRESS C1085 boasts a saddle stitcher (model SD-513). which provides the following capabilities:

Full-bleed, square-folded, professional booklets ready to box
– Prints on 12″x18″ stock to make a full bleed, 3-side trimmed, 8.5″ x 11″ booklet
Thinner booklet (<5 pages) covers can be creased to avoid toner cracking
4-position stapled booklets which can be cut down into 2 smaller books
Tri-folded brochures on up to 12 point stock can be creased and folded in-line (letter size only)

We’re delighted to have the Bizhub PRESS C1085 in our lineup and look forward to passing the benefits along to our clients!  Have a look at it in action here:

Click on any image in the gallery below for a closer look:


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PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions Completes SOC 2 TYPE 2 Examination

MKeefe  By Mark Keefe, President

jpg 360 Advanced SOC 2 Seal of CompletionJune 2017– PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions, provider of Direct Mail and Statement Processing Services, has completed yet another successful SOC 2 Type 2 examination.

The examination was performed by 360 Advanced, P.A., a full-service audit and consulting firm that specializes in integrated compliance solutions, including conducting SOC examinations. SOC 2, Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements AT Section 101, ‘Reporting on Controls at a Service Organizations Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, or Privacy ,developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is a widely recognized authoritative guidance that provides service organizations a uniform method for disclosing independently assessed information about the design and operation of internal controls related to their services. Companies who complete an annual SOC 2 examination are able to

Read More

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Boost Summer Revenue with Special Independence Day Marketing

Celebrate special deals this Independence Day with a patriotic take on your direct mail campaigns!

As Summer heats up, Independence Day presents opportunities for innovative companies to turn a profit. Your campaign marketing strategy can play a huge role in the success of Summer sales. This year at PrimeNet, we are highlighting newly re-designed products for the 4th of July Summer holiday that have produced proven returns for our clients’ customer base.

Flag Diecut Mailer ThumbnailDie Cut Flag Mailer

This 11″x8.5″ Die Cut Flag really stands out in the mailbox because of its unique flag shape. Printed on heavy stock, 4 color, 2 sides and mails inserted into a 12″x9″ full window envelope.


Independence Day Buy Back letterIndependence Day Letter

The classic 8.5″x14″ letter is a tried and true approach for getting customers into your business. Mailed with a simple, yet official looking #10 window envelope, this is sure to get opened once it’s in the hands of your audience.


License Plate Mailer Independence Day thumbLicense Plate Mailer

License Plate Mailers can be customized for any state or region. People just love seeing their name, and when it’s BOLD on a 10″x12″ license plate with a catchy message, that greatly increases the chance they’ll come to your business.

Full Window Self Mailer 12x9 thumb

Large 9″x12″ Full Window Packages

A full window envelope, conceals just enough of the border to spark curiosity. “Is that a real five-dollar bill that has fallen to the corner?” Open it to find out! “What DID I win under this scratch off?” These are the kinds of “I wonder” questions that get customers in the

Read More


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