Make Your Business Stand Proud!

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Make Your Business Stand Proud!

Put Your Flag Up This Memorial Day with our American Flag Die Cut Mailer!

Direct mail flag diecutMemorial Day is an important time of the fiscal year for many businesses because many customers have finally thawed from Winter’s chill, and they are ready to get out and buy. As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is full of opportunities for enterprising companies to turn a profit. Naturally, your marketing strategy plays a major role in the success of your sales, come Memorial Day weekend.

To help you increase your chances of success, here are
Four Marketing Tips for Memorial Day:

1. Start Your Marketing Early
Many companies wait until the weekend before Memorial Day to begin marketing their special sales. You can get a jump on the competition by beginning your direct mail campaign several weeks early.  Be the leader of the pack and send your direct mail piece to your customers two to three weeks before Memorial Day.  Start marketing early, and by the time your competition unleashes their campaigns your customers will already be sold on you.

2. Get Free Publicity
The true meaning of Memorial Day is, of course, to remember and reflect on all of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. To express your gratitude and honor their sacrifices, offer an additional incentive specifically for veterans, or host a special cookout honoring our heroes. When you set out to benefit the community, your community will in turn benefit you.

3. Honor the Fallen
Research has identified that many people are inclined to buy from those they feel are similar to themselves, and on Memorial Day the vast majority of Americans pay some homage to our patriotic heroes who had sacrificed their lives to help us to breathe the air of freedom. When you do the same, you establish yourself as a credible company that shares values with your customers. Don’t forget to incorporate a few words in remembrance and gratitude on every marketing material you print.

4. Be Creative with Your Design
Most everyone will have red, white and blue marketing materials for their Memorial Day promotions, and it’s likely you’ll want to include the same colors in your direct mail piece. Stand out from the crowd and use our Custom American Flag Die Cut Mailer to make your printed piece get noticed! Die-cut mailers, or “shaped” mail, has been proven to increase response rates by 300% or more.  Plus, people keep, share, and respond to “shaped” mail more than other types of direct mail. That makes them as good for your target market as they are great for your bottom line.

Every year, Memorial Day is one of the best-selling weekends for businesses across the country. You can use custom die cut mailers as an effective way to brand your company and products. Use custom die cutting with your printing to make your special offer stand out and get noticed. This is eye-catching direct mail that builds excitement and increases response and earns you a higher return on investment. Our dedicated design team at PrimeNet can customize your contents any way you would like, for any industry, to meet your specific marketing needs.

Our flag can be tailored to ANY industry! Check out these samples below:


Hearing Centers

Direct Mail Flag Diecut Mailer Hearing


Direct Mail Flag Diecut Mailer Automotive

HVAC Services

Direct Mail Flag Diecut Mailer HVAC Services

Call PrimeNet today at 1-800-826-2869 for more information and pricing on this exciting new product! 


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