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Black Friday Direct Mail Self Mailer - Folded

Are you ready for the shopping season? Black Friday kicks it off!

direct mail black friday blog image Becky
Why send direct mail for Black Friday?

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. The time for hot sales and great deals is fast approaching, and that means it’s the perfect time to get your message out there to create your holiday hype! A unique direct mail design coupled with targeted offers to the most likely consumers presents a winning combination for bringing in profits for the holiday season.

You can expect to work closely with our professional account managers and design team to create a Black Friday campaign that gets customers in the door and helps you return the best results for your business! Start off the Holiday shopping season right with personalized direct mailers for Black Friday Deals!

For more details, take a look at our Black Friday samples here.

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Car dealer direct mail, black friday automotive

Black Friday: Direct Mail for Car Dealerships

Fall is in full swing which means we are officially in the most profitable sales quarter of the year.  With the holidays fast approaching, it is important to make sure that you are taking advantage of every marketing opportunity possible. Black Friday is arguably the most popular sales opportunity event, and as such, should garner a large chunk of your advertising efforts.

Why Should Car Dealers Advertise During Black Friday?

Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff for the holiday sales season. It is known for being responsible for bringing in the most sales for many industries. Since it marks the beginning of a new season, Black Friday is also a great opportunity for advertising your holiday sales or winter specials. For the automotive industry, Black Friday can advertise that the end of the year means cars will be losing value. So customers will want to come in now to trade in their vehicle, before it gets another year older.

Why Should the Auto Industry Focus on Direct Mail?

While the digital marketing world is ever-expanding, it is important not to discount the benefit of direct mail. Fairly recently, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that the response rate for print mail surpasses that of all digital channels — and by a hefty margin. According to this DMA research, direct mail generates a 3.7% response rate with a home list, and a 1% response rate via prospect list.

Paid search, email, social media, mobile and internet display combined only achieve a 0.62% response rate. Which means: direct mail outperforms all combined digital channels by over 600%.

For more information on direct mail vs. digital advertising, see our previous blog post here.

How Can My Car Dealership Have the Most Effective Black Friday Direct Mail Campaign?

Start early. The end of the year always seems to fly by. Make sure to have your Black Friday marketing strategy ready now, before it’s too late. You want to have your offer in the mail, and in your customers’ hands, before Black Friday sales begin.

Stand out. Use unique direct mail pieces. You are going to be up against a lot of other Black Friday competition. You want to make sure that your dealership direct mail piece stands out. One way to do this is by utilizing variable data to have a customized experience. If the customer sees their specific car make and model name on their mail, it will give the impression that this piece was made just for them!

Have a call to action. What is your goal from this advertisement? Do you want the customer to call and book a service appointment? Do you want them to come in and trade in their vehicle? Whatever it is you are wanting your customer to do, make sure that message is clear.

Offer an incentive. Why would the customer care about receiving this mailer? Offer them coupons or discounts that will incentivize them to use your services.

Black Friday Auto Postcard, Dealership Mail


Request Direct Mail Samples Button

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What Kind of Direct Mail Pieces Should Automotive Dealers Use?

This depends on what your goal is. If you have a lot of text – a letter is the way to go. You could even camouflage it as a Christmas card with a handwritten font on the envelope to entice the customer to open it. A postcard has everything front and center. It allows a great way to put your important information out there and offer the customer some great savings without them doing too much work. A plastic postcard will convey value and stand out in the mail. A self-mailer is the best of both worlds because you can attract customers with your main focus while the piece is folded flat, but give them more information once they open up the mailer to see what’s inside. Self-mailers can often be some of the most unique pieces because they come in so many different sizes, fold-options, and die cuts.


Whether you want to encourage existing or potential customers to visit your dealership, take a test drive or receive winter maintenance services, Black Friday mailers can help you achieve the success you’re striving for this holiday season. To set up a Black Friday direct mail campaign for your car dealership, call us today at 1-800-826-2869.

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Autumn and Fall Marketing Campaign Tips and Direct Marketing

Fall Marketing and Advertising: 8 Autumn Campaign Tips

Fall marketing and advertising should be at the forefront of your mind with autumn officially beginning September 23rd. The days of “sizzling summer sales” will soon begin to be replaced with “FALL-ing into savings.” How can you take your business to the next level this fall marketing season? Below are 8 fall marketing and advertising tips to make sure you stand out against the crowd this autumn.

1. Put a pumpkin on it.

What is “it,” you ask? Pretty much anything. During the fall season, you will notice that pumpkin spice makes its way into everything. The food and drink industry puts pumpkin into lattes, muffins, pancakes, or beer–if you can ingest it, restaurants and cafes will pumpkin spice it. If your business doesn’t have the ability to put actual pumpkin into its products, you can still poke fun at the trend. A realtor can offer pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pies at an open house. Or, for a more comedic approach, a mechanic shop could advertise pumpkin spice oil changes. Have some fun promoting these products on your website and to your email subscribers and social media followers. Add a festive touch to your logos and profile photos on social media and continue this throughout the holiday season. You can use a jack-o-lantern during Halloween, or a cornucopia close to Thanksgiving.

2. Sponsor a team.

The beginning of fall also marks the beginning of back to school. (For back to school marketing tips, see our previous blog post.) This means many students will be participating in sports. Support young athletes in a way that fits with your business. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, maybe partner with a girls’ soccer team. Offer to provide jerseys for the students in exchange for your logo to also be present on them. Or if you run a restaurant, offer a discount if a customer brings in a game ticket stub–which will of course have your company name listed on it. There are many ways to provide your services fairly cheaply in exchange for publicity.

3. Get involved in your community.

Speaking of publicity, there are tons of opportunities to become more involved in your community and in doing so–getting your name out there. One of the key factors of marketing is making sure that people know your company exists. Chances are that organizations in your area host a fall fair or Oktoberfest, so find out how to set up a booth or get involved in sponsoring the event. Join up with local, non-competing businesses to organize trick-or-treating events to get customers (existing and potential) to make the rounds in your downtown or shopping district, hand out candy to kids and maybe market yourself to their parents. Make it a goal to add one new networking event to your calendar this month. Marketing isn’t just about paid advertising, websites, and logos. It’s about putting your business out there and building relationships and networks of people who will recommend you to others.

4. Do a fall photo contest on social media.

We live in the era of the selfie–who doesn’t love taking pictures and sharing them on social networks? Let your social media followers do your marketing for you! Encourage your audience to have some fun and invite customers to post selfies or pictures of their kids and pets doing their favorite fall activities like jumping in a pile of leaves, getting a pumpkin spice latte, or dressing up in a Halloween costume. Choose a designated hashtag for your followers to use, and encourage them to SHARE the post with their friends. This way, more people will see the post, and in turn, your company. To give them an incentive, offer a prize to the winner. This prize could be something as simple as a gift card to your business. A social media contest is not only a low-cost marketing and advertising opportunity, but also another fun way to get involved in your community.

5. Create a fall marketing campaign page.

Once you know what fall campaign you’re going to run, you need to create a specific page within your website which is focused on that campaign. Having a specific page for your campaign will result in better conversion rates (because your traffic is more focused on a single goal) making it easier to run ads, and make it easier for you to track the success of your campaign.

6. Get in the fall holiday spirit!

Holidays are a great way to theme a sales event. For Halloween, you can use language like “spooktacular savings” or a “monstrous sale!” During Thanksgiving, on the other hand, consider puns around gobbling up savings or maybe some sort of ‘leftovers’ clearance sale.

Direct Mail Fall Postcard

Halloween and Thanksgiving are the big holidays that stand out, but there are many fun holidays in autumn that you can take advantage of to promote your business. Examples include: Grandparents Day, Columbus Day, Boss’s Day, the end of Daylight Savings, Veterans Day, First Day of Fall, You’re Welcome Day), and Small Business Saturday. Create special offers or quick, one day deals based on these holidays. For example, offer a BOGO special on coffee so your customers can bring their boss a free drink on Boss’s Day. You can even make up your own holidays that are related to autumn imagery and create special offers for your fake holiday.

7. Keep the next holiday season in mind. 

While it may be fall now, Christmas is just around the corner! Offer “spend now, save later” promotions to your customers.  If they spend a certain amount now, they’ll get a designated amount off their purchase after Thanksgiving. You also need to start preparing for the biggest shopping day of the year–Black Friday! Consumers start researching early so that they can strategize their holiday shopping. If possible, start advertising what sales and promotions you will have for the event early so that customers will know what you’re offering before the big day.

8. Diversify your fall marketing.

When it comes to fall marketing, you want to make sure you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Consider social media marketing, networking in your community, digital marketing, and direct mail marketing. While the advertising world is becoming more digital, DO NOT underestimate the effectiveness of good old fashioned mail. Whether it’s a postcard, self-mailer, or letter in an envelope, looking at a piece of physical mail takes more time and attention than digital advertisement does. This captured attention means more opportunity for sales!


The most important piece of advice for fall marketing is to DO IT. Simply put, if you miss out on marketing–you miss out on business.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Examination Passed, Fourth Year in a Row

png 360 Advanced SOC 2 Seal of Completion for Direct Mail companyPrimeNet Direct Marketing Services, LLC, provider of Direct Mail and Statement Processing Services, announced today that it has completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination for the fourth year in a row.

The successful completion of the SOC 2 Type 2 examination typifies PrimeNet’s continued commitment to create and maintain the stringent controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security of services provided to their customers.

Most of the controls used for SOC have always been the standard for PrimeNet.  We are an organization that prides ourselves on quality work.

We want our customers to feel comfortable with trusting PrimeNet with their sensitive data.  The SOC 2 Type 2 examination drills into the security protections PrimeNet has in place to assure that our systems and data storage are well protected against cyber-attack, corruption and/or loss.  In addition, the exam requires PrimeNet to have comprehensive disaster protection and recovery programs that are well documented, tested and reviewed throughout the year.

The examination was performed by 360 Advanced, P.A., a full-service audit and consulting firm that specializes in integrated compliance solutions, including conducting SOC examinations. SOC 2,  Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements AT Section 101, ‘Reporting on Controls at a Service Organizations Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, or Privacy, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is a widely recognized authoritative guidance that provides service organizations a uniform method for disclosing independently assessed information about the design and operation of internal controls related to their services.  Companies who complete an annual SOC 2 examination are able to demonstrate a substantially higher level of assurance and operationally visibility than those companies who do not.

The Service Auditors’ Report includes a detailed description of PrimeNet Direct Marketing Services, LLC’s controls and an independent assessment of whether the controls are placed in operation, suitably designed, and operating effectively.  To receive a copy of the Service Auditors’ Report, or for any further questions, please contact PrimeNet at 1-800-826-2869.

For details about why SOC 2 is important, please feel free to visit our SOC 2 information page here.

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Direct Mail Stands Out

What Makes the Best Printing Providers Stand Out?

Are you using a quality printing provider? You have a business and your printing and advertising material speaks volumes about who you are as a company. Using a high quality printing company can make the difference whether you are perceived as professional or amateur. Sure, you can look into fast and cheap online printers to create your materials, but it’s worth a mention that you get what you pay for. All too often, we see clients who are unhappy with the products they receive from DIY upload online print vendors. These clients end up paying extra for wasted time and materials.

Because we care about our clients on a personal level, we’ve put together this guide on how to source a printer for your company advertising materials.

Choosing a Quality Printing Company – What to Look For

Professional ResultsAny top quality printing company will be able to provide professional results, so that you receive the high quality of printed items you expect. It’s important to look at proofs for quality issues such as blurry or pixelated image(s) or an uneven cut along the edge, because these can take your item from polished and professional to careless and substandard in the eyes of a potential customer – and quality standards are important to clients, especially those who are brand agents.

ProTip: If you’re creating a 4 color process project for a printing provider, and are using bitmap images (like photography), you must insure that the digital files you supply to your printer are a high enough resolution of at least 300dpi to match the printed dimension you want to see on paper.

Great ReferencesFrom account management to prepress to mailing, your printing organization should be happy to offer references who you can contact. Online reviews can be helpful for this as well, but keep in mind that sometimes businesses go about getting good reviews in a not-so-honest way. Fortunately, these are pretty easy to spot, but not always. If you ask for references and the printer is unwilling to provide any, or they only have one or two previous customers who might be willing to talk about their experience with the printer, this may just be a sign that you need to keep looking for professional printing companies with more integrity.

Value and Affordability

Value Combined with Affordability Your best printing companies will be affordable but not just ‘cheap’. They will have a competitive pricing schedule that is on the same playing field with what other printers would charge for the same order type and quantity. If the price of a print job seems excessively low or high, this can indicate problems that may arise. You will likely be better off choosing a different print vendor. Never sacrifice excellence for cost. Discount printers all too often produce sub-par results like image pixelation or poor coverage, flimsy paper, or colors that are poorly balanced – all of which will reflect poorly on your company’s quality standards.

Extensive Know-How

Well Established Quality printing companies with a great reputation will prove to be well established. They have been in business for many years, and are still going strong. If a new printer just started their business last year then it is really not possible to evaluate them thoroughly unless they are willing to provide a good portfolio of physical samples printed on a variety of papers and finishes to really ‘wow’ you. It’s up to you to decide whether they are the best one to use for your printing needs, or if you should keep researching.

Professional Assistance – Your best possible printer will offer professional assistance and options with each step of the process, from account managers to prepress to the final printed material post office clearing and mailing. This one-to-one assistance can hold so much value for inexperienced business owners, or people who do not know a lot about the printing processes. This gives clients peace of mind because they know that assistance is available whenever needed.

Extensive Printing Knowledge A top quality printing business will have extensive knowledge of every step in the process – from the prepress aspects to the colors and stock used and the best print method to use. Without extensive knowledge of printing, the business may not be able to provide the guidance and the finished results that you require for your business.

Options & Samples

Many Ink and Paper Stock OptionsThe right printing company will provide several options when it comes to paper stock and ink. Some printers even offer green options that help to minimize any environmental pollution from your order. A good printer will not rush you. You will be able to take time to compare the printing materials available for you to choose from, and ask questions on whether a certain ink, coating, varnish, or paper stock can be ordered if the printer does not have it available on hand.

Samples, Lots of Printed Samples Great printers will be able to offer you relevant and recent, sometimes even on-demand samples that will be true to what your printed items will look like. If the printer is not willing or able to provide relevant samples, then you have no idea what you will get. You’ll have no idea what quality you will receive as your finished marketing items.

printed samples from print vendor fl wi mi
(Clicking the “Request Samples” image should open your default email client.
If it does not, please use the contact form.)

Finishes for a Professional Look

Specialized Techniques and Finishes OfferedThere are so many specialized techniques that you can choose, such as variable data, variable images, UV coating, soft touch coating, laminating, die cutting and others. Look for special folds, key attachments, card attachments, and other unique pieces if you really wish to be set apart from your competition.

To Shop Local or National?Any good quality printing company that you choose should have local services, or at minimum, the willingness to send you a stack of samples right away, especially if it is a national print vendor. Locality can be very beneficial if you need to talk with someone immediately.


A direct mail printing provider will not only specialize in getting your materials printed professionally, but will also offer design services and mailing services along with printing out the materials that you want. This can speed up the process to ensure faster delivery of your marketing items. What’s important is to take the time to ask a lot of questions and make sure that any printer you consider can deliver the services that you want and need before you place your order.

To get an idea of the scope of our printing services, have a look at our equipment and samples.




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Back to School Marketing Techniques, direct mail printing

Back to School Marketing – Implementing the Most Effective Strategies

Summer is coming to an end, and parents everywhere are rejoicing. It’s finally that time of year again – Back to School season! While parents may be happy to send their children back to school, what does this mean for businesses? Well, many will say that back to school season is the official kick off of the fourth quarter (Q4,) which is the most profitable quarter of the year for most businesses. This means you should definitely be putting in efforts towards back to school marketing this year.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF,)  $80.7 billion is projected to be spent during back-to-school season for K-12 and college students during 2019. Parents of K-12 students will spend an average of $697 in 2019, which is up from the average of $685 spent in 2018. Additionally, families with college students are expected to spend an average of $977 which is up from last year’s $942. Some of the most popular areas in which this money will be spent are: clothes, electronics, and shoes. If you don’t have a campaign aimed at back to school shopping, you will be missing out on some serious possible profits.

How can I market for back to school?

So – you want to get in on the action, but your business doesn’t seem relevant? You don’t have to be selling clothes, electronics, or shoes to be able to have a back to school sale. Come up with a creative way to tie your business into the season that makes sense. For example, if you have a lawn care business you can mention that Jimmy will be busy with football and won’t have time to mow the lawn anymore. Or if it is a restaurant, focus on how going out to dinner can be so much easier than cooking at home now that you are back to juggling a busy school schedule. Hair salons and makeup stores can focus on wanting to look good for the beginning of a new school year. Back to school marketing isn’t just for K-12 students, either. Once you think of college aged students, even more ideas can come into play. From dorm decor to a new car, the possibilities are endless. No matter what business you have, there is always a way you can tie it in to back to school savings.

Who am I REALLY targeting for back to school marketing?

Keep in mind that parents aren’t the only ones you are advertising to. Especially during back to school season, many times parents are simply buying what their kids are telling them to. Make your advertising relevant to current trends. What is popular with kids these days? It may be wise to even ask children for ideas. Their opinion is important when they are your key demographic.

Another thing to keep in mind is HOW you market your business. Nearly everyone of school age (and their parents) has social media today. Once again, it may be wise to ask some kids what social media platforms they are most often frequenting and focus your social media efforts there. Just because you use Facebook doesn’t mean teenagers in middle school do.

How can I compete during the back to school sale season?

While the opinion of kids matters, don’t discount mom and dad. While Susie may be surfing Snapchat, her parents are most likely to be checking the mail for sales. Direct mail campaigns are vital for any successful back to school marketing strategy. It’s important to note that you won’t be the only business trying to grab the attention of consumers at this time. Therefore, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. PrimeNet has a variety of unique mailers that are sure to get you noticed.

Make your sale valuable to the consumer. Try adding a school supply giveaway or a gift card to a place where the customer can shop for school supplies as part of your deal. Think of ways you can make your sale unique so that customers feel drawn to you versus your competitors.

Follow this advice, and you are sure to have an A+ back to school marketing campaign!

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Direct Mail vs. Hurricane Season: PrimeNet has the advantage.

Julie blog direct mail vs. hurricane seasonBy Julie Fleming, Information Technology


PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions definitely has a huge advantage when it comes to Hurricane Season in Florida, and here’s why:

direct mail vs. hurricane seasonDirect Mail vs. Florida’s Hurricane Season:
PrimeNet, 10 : Weather, 0. Hurricane Season is arriving once again on the East Coast. Running from June 1st to November 30th each year, hurricanes and tropical storms can wreak havoc once they make landfall, damaging homes and businesses, uprooting trees, tossing around structures and spawning powerful tornadoes which can destroy any (unprepared) thing in their path. They can cause widespread power outages, internet outages, and utility outages forcing businesses to close up shop for awhile, and the list goes on. Hurricanes are absolutely not our friend when it comes to our coexistence. But the good news is:

We take our direct mail business very seriously at PrimeNet, and are highly prepared for whatever nature decides to toss our way.

Our facility in Florida was built to tall-order specifications and is Category 3 protected, with our data center inside the facility reinforced to Category 5 protection. Our Data Center is housed in an enclosed structure within the Florida facility, and has a hefty power supply backed up by well-maintained onsite generators. Our data centers in both Largo, Florida and Shakopee, Minnesota, which back up each other, are constructed of poured concrete reinforced by rebar, filled with a special waterproof material and are finished with an additional layer of water resistant material for ultimate weather protection. Watch a short video on our Data Centers here.

We know your direct mail message is important, and with our secure data centers and facilities we at PrimeNet Direct Marketing Solutions have ensured that we won’t let

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PrimeNet Achieves G7 Status for Seventh Consecutive Year!

g7 master colorspace for commercial printing compliance logoPrimeNet Direct Marketing is proud to announce for our 7th consecutive year we have met the requirements for Idealliance® G7 Master Printer qualification. We continue to print to G7 qualification in our offset printing department & digital printing department; plus our Epson Proofer once again has passed the G7 Grayscale, G7 Targeted and G7 Colorspace qualification and we are proud to be listed as a Certified G7 Color Contract Proof provider. Additionally, our Konica Minolta C1085 press has newly achieved the most stringent level of G7 Master Qualification with colorspace compliance.

Though we have achieved this qualification for 7 consecutive years now, by no means is this just a re-qualification. Each year the criteria become more and more strict, thus fewer and fewer printers are investing the time, knowledge and expense to pass this.

“Each year that I’ve been a part of this process, I’ve been hit with something new and more challenging to get to that PASS bar. I just wanted to let everyone know it’s not a “yea yea yea, same ol’ same ol’, G7″ – PrimeNet works incredibly hard to achieve this qualification. Some may not recognize this because they only see what WE do and don’t have the opportunity to experience other environments that don’t strive for as high a standard. Top credentials ARE our standard, and that says a lot.”
Says Traci Blair, Print Manager at PrimeNet.

With our color digital department having G7 compliant output devices are positioned very well to match color across every output print area.

G7 Master Certified PrinterThe Idealliance G7 Master program is the world’s leader for printing facility validation programs.
G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical facility for use of the G7 Proof-to-Print Process which utilizes the most modern technology, techniques, & press controls to produce a close visual match from proof to print. This qualification is valid for only one calendar year and must be renewed annually. The three levels of compliance for G7 Master Qualification are:

G7 Grayscale  •  G7 Targeted  •  G7 Colorspace

The three levels demonstrate G7 Master capabilities by specified print condition and offer different levels of distinction for G7 Master Printers. Print service providers of all types know that a measurable, predictable, and uniform color management process provides significant business advantages.

For commercial printers to be successful, orders must be turned around quickly, they must be consistent and they must be predictable. G7 is the only methodology and print validation program in the world that crosses all print media.

G7 Compliance Commercial Printing Certification



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