7 Reasons To Use PrimeNet For Your Direct Marketing List Needs

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7 Reasons To Use PrimeNet For Your Direct Marketing List Needs

Direct marketing list blog image Pam  By Pam Wellnitz, List Services

How many incredible direct mail pieces are wasted because they are sent to a lousy list that costs too much per record, misses out on postage savings, and goes to the wrong people?

The truth is, good list buying requires a pro. Check out our free tip sheet on List Buying 7 Reasons You Need A Pro. Remember, the “right list” is the smallest possible list with the most possible prospects, which can be delivered at the lowest cost. Defining the right target is easy. Getting the right list is very tricky.

At PrimeNet in Largo, FL and in Shakopee MN, we have our own independent list buyers, available to help at any time, whether you need a saturation or compiled list. Give us a call to discuss your list needs.

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Get Your “Piece of the Pie” this Holiday Season!

direct mail blog FL, Jack

direct mail image personalization xmpie uimageImage Personalization

Personalization has reached a new dimension! Eye-catching, personalized images drive recipients to REACT!!!

Imagine… a direct mail campaign using personalized images in order to show each recipient’s name burned into wood, or etched in snow, or even the topping on a pie… Effective, meaningful, can’t-ignore-it communications that drive recipients to read, react and respond.

The technology we use is called uImage®. uImage is a modular product that integrates with XMPie®’s variable data software tools and workflow. With PrimeNet’s use of uImage, you can make stronger customer connections and enhance your one-to-one marketing pieces with new and imaginative ideas.

Give us a call today at 1-800-826-2869. We’ll give you lots of creative ideas on how to use this new technology to save money, get attention and boost response.

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Direct Mail Still Favorite, Despite Growth in Online Ads

Chuck  By Chuck Alsdurf, Vice President

Direct mail remains popular with advertisers, new research finds.

Mail remains popular with advertisers, despite inroads from online and email advertising, new research from the Postal Service has found.

Direct mail spending rose 4.2 percent in 2014 — the only non-Internet advertising medium that increased, according to the study.

The weak economy constrained growth in total advertising spending in 2014, while a 15.4 percent increase in Internet advertising siphoned funds from most traditional advertising methods.

“Despite the sway of online advertising, direct mail’s share of total ad spending has held steady for decades,” said USPS Financial Economist John Mazzone.

In fact, direct mail has represented between 10 and12 percent of all ad spending for more than 20 years, Mazzone said.

What explains mail’s steadfast appeal?

Proponents say it offers businesses an efficient, targeted way to reach customers.

Additionally, tracking for direct mail response rates is far more precise than for television commercials or magazine ads.

The new research, which is part of the Postal Service’s latest household diary study, also found that direct mail often complements online advertising by directing potential customers to company websites.

Source: PCC Southwest Florida

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How to Drive Revenue to Your Business

Sure it’s nice to sell cars, but a good chunk of dealer revenue is in service. That’s why PrimeNet created a special (and clever) direct mail marketing piece to drive business to those service bays. We say “clever” because it produces and we have the numbers to prove it.

Here’s how the checkbook mailer works. Prospects get a real checkbook, with a cover, and 12 personal checks from a local auto dealership, with the prospect’s name on the checks and a different offer on each one…such as one for a $19.95 oil change and tire rotation.

When the prospect comes in for service, they get a deal, and the dealer gets business and

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PrimeNet in Shakopee MN is HIRING

direct mail blog image MKeefe

PrimeNet in Shakopee is a fast-paced, growth oriented, direct marketing company that provides print solutions to top companies across the US. We are seeking both full time and part time employees with direct mail/direct marketing experience to join our growing company located in Shakopee, MN.

We are looking for employees to operate mailing equipment in including: Bell/Howell inserters, MBO Folders, Kirk Rudy inkjet machines, Didde/Web press & Halm Jet/ Envelope presses.
PrimeNet is a Drug Free company and conducts pre-employment and random drug tests. Candidate must have a clean background.

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, resume and salary requirement to HR@PrimeNet.com.

An application is available for download on our Careers Page.

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New Product Alert! CodeKase Mailer

CodeKase Game Piece image Mark blog  By Mark Keefe, President

The CodeKase Game Piece Mailer!

11″ x 14″ Gloss Self Mailer with Attached Game Piece

CodeKase Game Piece image

Call us today and we can help you with your next promotion!

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New Product: The Textured Leatherette Planner

We’d like to introduce PrimeNet’s Textured Leatherette Planner.

Textured Leatherette Planner mailpiece direct mail smallThis mailer has been designed to look and FEEL like a realistic leather planner and boasts a combination of dimensional visual elements such as torn-paper prize vouchers and handwritten calendar reminders. There is ample space for a personalized message to the consumer, which can be customized to fit your industry-specific audience.

Below is an example of a piece for the automotive industry featuring a guaranteed prize winner and sales event calendar reminders, however this can be tailored by

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PrimeNet is HIPAA Compliant

Direct Mail HIPAA Compliant Article MKeefe  By Mark Keefe, President

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which was enacted by Congress to protect sensitive patient data. The act contains a “Privacy Rule” and a “Security Rule”,” which in turn protect the privacy, and sets standards for the security of electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

The HIPAA Security Rule defines “confidentiality” to mean that e-PHI is not available or disclosed to unauthorized persons. The Security Rule’s confidentiality requirements support the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s prohibitions against improper uses and disclosures of PHI.

Taken together, these rules establish national standards for how companies

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